Hello All. My Short Introduction

Hello everyone, I look forward to “meeting” you all. I found this website by sheer luck and I am glad I did. I believe it was meant to be found. My name is Elvira, I have been practicing for a little while and I want to develop my magic more and learn more about Lucifer and how to work with him successfully. I am open to learning and also helping where I can. I really love the community I have found within magick and I want to explore and practice more with what this page has to offer.

  • Elvira.


What kind of magick do you practice?

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I have not found one specific type yet. When I first started my journey I told myself I would only practice “white” magic and considered myself an Ecclectic, as time went on and I spoke to more and more people I realized the uses for magic and that all varieties of magic be it “white” or “black” were necessary and useful so I now practice with all different types depending on the need for the specific type of spell. Any tips on finding my niche? thanks!