Hello all im back.(hacked [email protected])

Hello all its been a while since i last posted due my accounts being hacked. Still haven’t received it back however since i last posted a lot has happened. I purchased several rocks in charms to help ground myself & also to build my dark powers… I’ve also got my own apartment & have the personal space needed to do my rituals. One of the first things i did once i got my apartment was to set aside the space i needed & cleanse it then give it new purpose… I used a pendulum to ask questions

.i found out that satan himself not lucifer.(lucifer is the god i had been tuning too however…) Satan was the god who answered… I was informed that a deal with lucifer is a deal with satan. & that all rituals and pacts i had previously made were all accepted by him(satan). & that i was still in pacts with whichever demons i had summoned as well as him… He was basically in an overseers capacity… This was a very long ritual indeed… There were so many answers . i put most on paper one day i will share more whenever i have grown further… In short im not new to the blog… To those who are this is the right place… For me its been trial by fire but i have never missed a lesson. No fear…

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Please do a introduction for the new account. It is required.

Hi, what was your former username on here? :smiley:

If you can’t remember, no probs, just do an intro about where you’re at now, and a bit of background, then if you remember it at a later date you can drop the link to that profile over here.

Cheers! :+1:


I already done the intro. My old username was drama free reese the email was changed from [email protected] to [email protected]… I had put lots of status’s up there. At first i didnt have my own space… The very first post was about lucifer & satan both coming to my invocation in one time frame from watching the ascending flames video online… The account had e.a 's first video course attached… Plus i had reached out several times asking for freebies which were granted… Any ways i put where i am today in the general discussion

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Is this you? :slight_smile:

Yes that is me please i need that account back it had been hacked so i asked to have it closed till i got new email & phone that wasnt cloned…

I have come a lot further then i was then however… Im been constantly growing. Im grounded now… I can also get into theta state faster…& ive successful made & completed several pacts. Currently in the longest one now with bune…

Can that account be linked into this one now. I have a more fitting name to boot. [email protected]

I don’t have the ability to merge accounts, but I have promoted this new account to the same higher Trust Level you had before. :+1:

How bout my e.a purchase that was also connected to the older account

If you contact https://becomealivinggod.zendesk.com/ they’ll be able to help you with that, I only do forum stuff, I’m not part of the business. :+1:

They can take up to 48 hours to reply, but they will get back to you.