Hello All. I am new to the Goetia and this site

My name is Cindy. I am happy to be here.

I found this site, by looking up various Goetic demons on Google. I am rather new to the Goetia, and already have found a couple or so, that I’m drawn to. Although, I haven’t been studying the Goetia very long, the demons that I’m drawn to? The connection feels so right. I guess they see in me something I can’t at the moment. But, needless to say, I’m happy they’ve chosen me.

If any of you would like to guide me on this path, your help would be appreciated.

I look forward to getting to know y’all.



Please tell us about any experience you have in magick.

Are you a complete beginner, or only a beginner with the Goetia?

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Let me give you a background. I was raised Christian, but when I was thirteen, I had my spiritual awakening and turned to the “Witchy” ways. :slight_smile: Living in the Christian household made it a bit difficult to actually practice in peace. So, I’ve been reading on and off about Witchcraft, paganism, and other occult topics for 28 years. The best way for me to do anything magickal, due to my living circumstances, is really just by candles. Or, having to do the motions as if I have the magickal tools, or visualization. I hope this doesn’t make me sound like an idiot. I have to go with the flow, you know?

I would have to say I’m a beginner with Goetia. I’m drawn to a few of the Goetic demons. Or, rather - they chose me. :slight_smile:


Thank you for expanding on your experience a bit more :slight_smile:

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You’re most welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to learning more. :slight_smile: