Hello Again! (After all these years), and... Spirit to Cause Arrest

Hello All,

It’s been years since I’ve posted (where does the time go?), and honestly - this is not how I envisioned my return to BALG :joy: - with such a straight to the point practical question- but I find myself in a sticky situation… and yesterday out of the blue I received an email notification from an old thread i’d started - so hell, you just can’t ignore this sort of synchronicity!

I’ve checked the forum from time to time - glad to know there are still some old members around! I will always be grateful for this forum and how much I Iearnt from other members. Special gratitude to Lady Eva for helping me through one of the toughest initiations I have ever experienced, your work and philosophy continues to inspire me in more ways than you could know!

So erm - this is the question - for some reason I’m really struggling to think of an appropriate spirit for this task - god knows why- its hardly anything too obscure… I 'm looking for a spirit who can CAUSE arrest and subsequent imprisonment (not the other way round). I generally take the stance of extreme moral neutrality/objectivity - but in this case it involves something that I personally find… distasteful (and as Lady Eva would say - I do not consent to this happening in my reality.) I was somewhat drawn into this against my will - and the only way to peace of mind (and guaranteed personal safety) is for the target (along with the people working with this person) to be imprisoned and all their deeds made known - but WITHOUT the direct involvement of myself/partner/or our friends.

The nature of the suspected crime is, shall I say, not exactly a minor misdemeanour; with the potential to affect a lot of people, and though I won’t name it specifically, I’ll say its probably the same sort of level of ‘ickyness’ as the stuff BALG was targeting with Operation Hera.

I’ve developed, over the last few years (after an unexpected little trip through the abyss and subsequent direct experience of the supernal triad- which changed EVERYTHING for me) methods of directly accessing the power of the Void/Source with very little effort - but I’m finding it quite hard to ‘pop’ into this frame of mind due to the stress of the situation - so I reckon a bit of external help might be necessary. The obvious spirit that comes to mind is Andromalius - but as far as I can tell he deals mostly with thieves? Belial is also really standing out for me - and I have a relationship with him already - but I’m unsure of how he would feel about the arrest of someone rather than granting freedom from the law?

If anyone has any suggestions it would be very much appreciated. I’m really keen to remove this little unwanted obstacle ASAP, and get back to my work.


Lucifer may assist you with this unfortunate situation. I’ll list out some demons from his Legion (taken from Lucifer and the Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose), but you could also work with him directly, or perhaps another of his manifestations. If you have an interest in any of these demons, you will need to purchase the book, as it contains the Pathworkings that will grant you access to them.

Rosaran - “To let others see the deception in a fraud”

Presfees - “To cause a person to act recklessly”

Takaros - “Force somebody to reveal secrets they planned to keep”

Sorosoma - “To expose somebody’s secrets or cause them to be apprehended for their crimes”

How you make use of these powers is up to you, but do not restrict the demons’ creativity. They will likely surprise you. You mentioned that you wanted these people arrested, but perhaps take some time to consider other potential opportunities that you may find because of their situation. The criminal justice system, though important, often does not change these such people. To do that, some psychological discomfort may be required. I’m sure Lucifer would be most pleased to offer his assistance.


Thank you, shinri, for those great suggestions. Funny you should mention Lucifer - as that occurred to me earlier as well. I have worked with Him on only one occasion - in which was a pretty heavy ritual along with Belial and Hecate (within the paradigm of Mark Alan Smith’s work), but somehow I feel he may be appropriate here.

Oh yes I agree with you on that. Trust me I despise the criminal justice system too and I’m not doing this to be petty, and considering the situation and the unwanted involvement of myself and possible large scale effects - I believe it is the only way.


I used Andromalius succesfully in getting someone caught and locked up in no time.

He works very quickly and is a very moral spirit


Thank you @anon88243269 - if you don’t mind me asking - what was the nature of the crime? in ‘normal’ terms (I understand this sort of thing is subjective) would it have been classed as something quite ‘serious’?

I understand if you don’t want to disclose that, of course :slightly_smiling_face:

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I will PM you to tell you to keep private


His power can also reveal the truth to all. I have used him successfully to screw up the plans of some in unmentionable occupations here. Though if these people have money or any other influence also direct him to attack the law enforcement to force them to do their job or it doesn’t matter if the truths are revealed if they just buy their way out. I know here it is a big problem that the police are for sale to whomever has the drugs or money to pay them off so if they fall in line with that experience you will have force their hand.
Belial can probably be used to make the enforcement agencies do their jobs for once in conjunction. If you get him to play like that.
If you want to talk about my experiences with Sraagbel it will have to be in PM or we will both be banned likely.


I’m going to totally copy what @Qayos tells people and visualize his spirit being dragged and trapped in Tartarus. Better yet, shift the energy if his jail to be like Tartarus and chain him there.


Nemesis - thank you. Yes this sounds pretty close to what I’m experiencing - I also can’t openly state the issue:sweat_smile: May very well take you up on the PM offer when I’ve got some more time - many thanks.

Mr.Vulture- that’s a great idea- thank you!

I have received so much great advice- reminds me what a helpful community this is.


Feel free to message anytime.
Also Sraagbel has a bit of a sense of humor in how he goes about his job so as bad as the situation might be you could end up getting a good laugh out of what develops. He is much sweeter than his description lends him to being.