Hellish nightmare with undiscribeable monsters and Satan saved the day... kinda?

Last night after I was tucked in, I decided to put on some isochronic/theta tones to help me sleep… sometimes that stuff is like a duel blade to me. I sleep better but the trade off is sometimes bizarre dreams that are sometimes even nightmareish.
In the past I have had some really tramatizing ones but last night took the cake.
So, here is what I remember and I’d like to request any interpretations you have on it.

The sky was black with some crackles of dark red/maroon highlighting the darkness…the dream itself took place where I grew up and my parents still live. There was a loud bone chilling mechanical monster sound (think, the sounds in war of the world’s that the aliens made). my stomach dropped and the next thing I knew I was running for my life from these gigantic things I don’t know how to even describe.
I was on the street that I grew up at, and eventually found my dad during a brief period where the monsters were off chasing different people. He was hammering something above a log and matter how much I begged and screamed for him to come with me, because I was heading to a shelter, he ignored me and just kept hammering. Upon hearing the sound again I had to leave me dad, I was screaming and crying as I ran.
At some point, I found a person laying down on the ground and I went to help but upon getting closer I realise that the head had been severed and there was a pool of blood under the body.
I screamed again and then begun doing what I normally do when I’m balls deep in a nightmare, I started reciting an enn. Either I call Azazel, Lilith or Lucifer. Most of the time after I do this, I wake up or something positive happes to make the nightmare better.
I stared to call Azazel, but halfway through the enn a circular portal opened and “Satan” came through. He was wearing a back joker outfit with short black hair, and in response to me saying I was really scared and didn’t want to die he said, “child, everything is fine I promise.”
And…I actually I can’t remember if anything happened after that.
It was odd tho cause I called for Azazel and Satan showed up instead.
It felt so real… :confused:


Hmm I had zombies and monsters today, too. And then a certain Archangel was blocking my view so I don’t get scared. :thinking:


Really?? Wow, that’s pretty interesting

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I’m getting chased by nightmares my whole life. They’ve been occuring less and less in the past years though.
When I notice that it’s a dream I simply fly away. But sometimes I don’t notice.

Some dreams feel more real than others, have a greater impact on you.
In my experience, these ones can tell you alot about yourself and your current struggles.

I’m the type of person that can’t watch movies with gore content… because like, it just scares me and I hate it so like having dreams like that is pretty jarring to me.
Honestly in the past half a year or whatever I’ve had a small handful of especially bizarre nightmares. Ones that stand out in comparison to anything else in my life before.


as someone whos having his mind messed with, and there are days i cant sleep due to it, i would say atbthe end recenter within your soul to see reality and understand

Guess I’m gotta put the same sound frequency video on and see if I can go back into the dreamscape and search for more clues haha.
Just got a new notebook, guess it’s gonna be my dream journel