Hellhound summoning

So hellhounds lol.

Apparently you can summon them and can make great companions! So I want to know if any of you guys have ever summoned a Hellhound? I am aware that most Hellhounds belong to Hekate so I’m positive you have to ask her for permission to summon her hounds or any Hellhounds.

Also are these companions are beginner friendly? Can be consider as prerequisites for demon/deitiy work?


She has her own, but they don’t all belong to her. Herne has some as well, and Annwn of course. There’s no rule that says you have to borrow owned hounds.

I love them, the ones I’ve called are very protective and eager for the kill.

Ah, I don’t see any reason these should be a prerequisite to other work. They’re not related really.


Lucifer sent me a hellhound once to protect me

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Maulbeere! long time no see! :smiley:

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OP, try asking Lucifer for one if you need one, I would ask only if you need one in my opinion

I never summoned one but I do have 2 due to 1 being given to me during my etheric travels with Bael and another I got from the Infernal, the girl has scales and the boy looks pretty much like a rottweiler on steroids lol.

if im not mistaken Herne and Annwn’s aren’t hellhounds they weren’t hellhounds until Christianity altered them but they were fae dogs called Cu Sidhe.

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i think the one I got sent looked like a rottweiler too

As @Mulberry said already, not all hounds belong to Hecate. There are others too. Some may give you your own hounds by themselves if you work together for long enough.

I don’t have an answer on that, I suppose if you can summon them or if they were given to you then they are.

No not at all.


Mine look more like small Wargs, about 5 feet tall.

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The hounds of Annwn, yes. The word hound means dog. I don’t really see the difference except semantically, are you saying a hell hound is not a spectral dog?

I’m saying hellhounds aren’t fae, hellhounds were considered a type of demon. Annwn, Herne, Gywnn ap Nudd’s they were said to have fae dogs, Cu Sidhe. While I correlate them to a degree I don’t necessarily agree that the Cu Sidhe and the demon hellhounds are the same creatures, just as wargs were also later seen as hellhounds too but are not, but those changes were after christian adaptation.

Oh ok. Yeah I just call anything that’s looks doglike a hell hound for convenience. Like I call all humans and discarnate higher beings “people”.
I don’t apply demonic meaning to the word because I’m not xtian. I don’t actually believe in demons either. I still use the label sometime again for convenience.

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Tru the spells to dp a hound are very rare use according to a legend, a guy owns a big summ and humillate the guy he hire a hoodoo in lousina and send hounds which the guy hear close to him. To torture him and pay. Most of the magicians from europe create them whit item’s personal animal stuff. Here in amwrica the order of mejhis,? Creste a grimore i tnk whisperers which give u a ritual ro create aand end them amother book requiere call i tnk belial.

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I created a servitor cerberus hound during my necromantic operations in a cremation yard. It was rather powerful as it manifested in real life as three identical black dogs that followed me in the area.

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I think I read about them accompanying a one of the watchers of Hell into EA Koettings room during a ritual in Abaddon - Angel of the Abyss, but cant find it! Someone know?
When I see them for my inner eye they are huge growling beasts. Grey fur. So big maybe only three can fit in a room.