Hell, the abyss, the void, Binah- What's the difference?

So I believe hell and the abyss are different,
I believe the abyss and the void maybe different,
But there is also some speculation as to where or not
Binah and the void are the same or different,

What is your take?

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Hell is a small portion of one underworld(as there are many underworlds), the infernal nation. Similar to a country.

The abyss is an entire realm on it’s own.

Void is the space “outside” of existence, which I assume many confuse and call “outer darkness” the void can based on perception can seem like a space of pure white or a space of pure blackness.

So it’s more like:

Hell/Infernal empire- a country

The Abyss: an entire realm

Void: space between and outside of the realms and planes.


What’s Binah then?

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I can’t say much on what Binah is, I have always understood the kabbalah spheres as more of a conceptual map rather than legitimate places.


Binah is related to Saturn.

Try this - on this page, press CTRL+F on your keyboard, type “binah” and the browser will highlight where in the text this is discussed.

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Well put @anon48079295.
Also I would like to add, people should really start using the term “The Void” instead of the Abyss, when they are talking about the Void, in order not to confuse it with the Abyss that is part of the Qliphothic realm.