Hel, the one and only

Good evening.

Well, looks like it’s my turn to ask questions.
Would any of you have worked with Hel by any chance?
Seems like the Freyr’s holidays are over, time to start the other part of the work !

I assume that i will find informations while interacting but before i start things more seriously i’d like to ask if any of you have ever worked with HEL, if you know specific things she likes or things she doesn’t stand. I googled everything i could but there is not much. So here i am !

If anyone can help i’d be very grateful :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

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Hels saved my ass on many occasions. She’s a really interesting Goddess who changes her appearance a lot. She is a healing Goddess as well as one who rules over the dead. Excellent for protection as well. Strangely she reminds me of Nyx.

She likes Black Coffee and generally things that are in the process of dying (dying flowers for example)