Hel (Hela) and Hecate (Hekate) Same Goddess?

I’ve done some thinking and I’m wondering, are Hel and Hecate the same goddess, just different names? Or are they complete separate goddesses? Feel free to share your opinions!

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They are different imo. Hecate has a connection with the souls of the dead, but the ones that still have connections in the earth. She’s not a queen of the underworld like Hel. Hecate has powers over the Earth the Sea and the Sky.


Do you believe a godform can have multiple mothers and fathers? @Anassa

Not really, but there’s always speculation and myths. On the other hand, one godform could share a long distant relation with another godform. I might be wrong here. if so I’d like to hear an answer from someone more experienced.

They are radically different, I’ve connected with both they are definitely not the same at all and I wouldn’t mix them, that could be hella conflictive ^^
because Hecate has a key to the underworld, witchcraft including Necromancy etc…
Hel keeps the dead in her realm and materns them, she’s a mother to the dead, and she looks down to necromancy and any other practice that “disturbs” the dead and call them to mix with the living.
Hecate can be really brutal and is very fiery, she has a kind of nice motherly aspect but also a really dark one, everyone I know who work with her in long term agree on one thing : she’s a bitch lmao.
Hel is very neutral, and certainly not a bitch, won’t stab you in the back or insist on something because she kinda doesn’t give a fuck ^^. She’s very cold, calm. Doesn’t get attached and has very little business with the living. She just wants to teach the living to accept Death as it is, rotting, stinking, drifting the soul apart, etc… the brutally honest about death. But that is if you ask her.
Otherwise she’s just not here. And if you work with her, you’re good to let down any practice that deals with the departed, one way or another.

I can’t answer on the godform though that’s not my thing.


I haven’t directly worked with either of these goddesses, but I’ve noticed something. Hel appears in EA Koetting’s Fourth Incantation:

And it is very normal to invoke Hecate in general spells and incantations, as she’s the de facto goddess of witchcraft. This isn’t exactly direct evidence, but it’s food for thought. Seems to suggest they might be the same or at least partially interchangeable.

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I don’t know the language of the incantation, I guess only E.A. can answer on that, but I firmly believe that “Hel” here doesn’t mean the goddess herself. If that’s the case we also summon “Retz” and in his Incantation for Azazel “Itz Rel Itz Rel Azazel” then you’re calling someone “Rel” as well…

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