Hello Everyone,

This past weekend, I decided to explore and learn more about Hekate. The most interesting thing happened when I went into a meditative state. My office phone began to shake! I was like wtf! This was quick. For those who have worked with Hekate, is this common? I usually have to put in more work Lol.

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I asked her advice she tells me thats between you and her

she works on different levels in a way you have to find the meaning of this yourself because she is like testing you on a riddle, you have to solve

but anyway she can work quite efficiently and quickly

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He is really knowledgable

Also really well rounded info here


She is also a storm deity. Lightning bringer. So i would say that the messing up of electronics when meditating on her is a very good sign.


She has many powers and many names keeping her Keys is wise


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Thank you for your feedback :blush:


The videos are very helpful. I watched the first one last night. I will watch the second one today. Thank you :blush:

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What do you mean by keeping her keys?

There is a ritual where you consacrate 3 Keys or 1 old key in her name which helps you to channel Hecate better. Are also perfect for the Altar