Hekate wakes me up/ newmoon

What a day .
I gave my offerings at a dirt pathed crossroad and spoke to her. I then came home to do my witches power hour including daily tarot practice. And I go to work…
Lock my fucking keys in the car
Car still on . Was running for like 4 hours before I could get someone to come and break into my car and get my keys out .
I instantly felt hekates presence . Looking down at me . I KNEW for a fact I was being PUNISHED . and in more than one way . My boyfriend broke up with me again yesterday . And I’m sick as fuck . And I’ve gotten cards talking about illness due to perception . So this is what happened…
So 2 days ago my manager asked me if I was going to work this week . I hadnt been there but twice in ghe been past 2 weeks . Place is toxic and I’ve been trying to leave there for a year now . I leave I come back I leave I come back . He mentioned me leaving . And I took up 3 days this week Instead officially leaving for good.
I even said “should I take this as an opportunity to leave here for good?” My manager is also a good friend now. But I took up the days. I was supposed to leave ! And I decided to stay. Well not anymore . To manifest positive changes you must be willing to change your reality . So I’m ready now and I understand. So I put in my final 2 weeks. Big bucks here I come !

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