Hekate/Astaroth connection

I have been working with Hekate for a long time, mainly for dreams, dark moon rituals, and shadow work. I recently added Astaroth to my pantheon and it feels as though I’m working with the same entity. I have done some research into this and can only find one solid reference linking the two. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


I can only say that Astaroth and Hecate are different entities.


They have a connection under the idea that Astorath is Ishtar and Ishtar and hecate have a very basic connection as sharing similarities.

However, Astorath is also considered their own being and a male demon in which case there’s no real connection to Hecate who is a titan Goddess.


One thing that needs to be understood, these are individual entities you’re working with.

And it’s becoming annoying when others cannot respect them as individuals.

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I don’t know this for sure but I am a little bit wondering if you are evoking one and failing to evoke another, that or some type of trick because these two for me have had very different energies. Strangely though I have found Hecate’s energy at times very similar, and maybe even identical to another spirit I won’t mention. I’m not for sure the reason but I suspect it might have something to do with tricks that spirits play. I have been learning about just how often they will play tricks like this and I have found they know magic about as well as they know magick.

So it might pay to develop your senses better.

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Is the other entity a death and/or lunar entity? because that might be why. Hecate embodies death and the moon energies and often times when faced with another entity with similar energies they can almost feel familiar as they are part of that same collective energy/elements(s)


I haven’t confirmed this in any way but I think Asteria, the mother of Hecate, is one of the masks of Astaroth. If that’s the case there is your connection. As I said tho this is not confirmed, only assumed by me.


I dont think that would make sense, Astaroth is already thought to be Ishtar with a bit of evidence to back it up and Asteria is a titan goddess of the stars in which Ishtar is not a titan and in greek Ishtar’s name is Astarte. Now if Astaroth isnt Ishtar then it would make even less sense as Astaroth is seen as a male goetic demon and goetic demons being fallen Gods is a modern LHP meshmash with very little evidence.

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I also sometimes work with Spirits outside of grimoires that plan on staying that way, so I’m not saying much more than that other than I I doubt it is lunar or solar.

What does outside of grimoires have to do with anything? lol I’m saying Hecate’s energies are lunar and death o.o

Oh I might like to add to this, but Astaroth insists to me that he really is none of these entities people associate him with. He says these misconceptions have had an occasional upside to it but has been more of a pain than anything. Also when I work with Astaroth I do a partial possession to know if I am hearing it right or wrong. A very light possession but a possession none the less.


I can understand that, had similar experiences with Sitri to Set

Yeah but _____ probably isn’t associated with any of these…
Or if you wish, your guess is about as good as mine.

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I agree with you. Because Astaroth does not associate himself with either Astarte or Hecate. These are all separate entities. And he also talked about historical errors in understanding him.

Moreover, the energies of Astarte and Astaroth are felt in completely different ways.


He told me just the other day that when the sigel for Astarte was invented he was actually confused by this at first. lol


Yes! I was afraid of that which is why I have always been mindful to address them individually.

This is a conversation that keeps happening. While I can respect and be mindful of the research and the work that goes on behind closed doors, entities are not the same combined spirit.

Gaia is not Nammah nor Neith. They are three separate Goddesses.

Hekate is the Goddess of The Crossroads. Now I am hearing whisperings that people think she is Lilith. If this is so, I will research it myself.

Hekate is also something people don’t want to admit. You’ll also find she is not always loving towards her followers, same as Lilith and Tiamat.

Also, Set is not Oirsis.

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Well lot of people center on the love and light bs but actually for the ones who love the Eternal Darkness Hecate and Astaroth are related. Hecate is the Goddess of Magick and Goddess of the Underworld and indeed Queen Astaroth is the one who shows the way to bath in the Lake of Fire in the Underworld in order to be reborn as a powerful new self. They have different tasks but yes they rule both in the Underworld. Astaroth is the ruler of the Qliphot Gamchicoth the breakers, the destroyers of Creation to rebuild something new.

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I do love the eternal darkness! After reading everyone’s comments, I think my next action is to invite them into my astral temple individually and make a point of listening closely. Perhaps my preconceived notions of Astaroth and my previous work with Hekate are getting in the way. For me that is the most beautiful thing about these ritual practices, tuning these subtle energies without and without in order to bring ever expanding awareness.


I know this conversation keeps happening. I have been annoyed myself by this conversation only with different entities. I was reluctant to even post the topic but I really felt the need to seek clarity. And perhaps I should have first consulted the Hekate and Astaroth directly. Thinking that Hekate and Lilith are the same seems absurd to me but because of the nature of how people interpret their experiences, there will always be various ideas that emerge.
I also love this topic. The history of demonology is an extensive and sometimes tangled web. This forum where we are able to exchange knowledge and wisdom is an extremely valuable resource.
And you are right about Hekate not always being loving! :black_heart: