Hekate and La Santa Muerte

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I have been working with La Santa Muerte for years. But, lately I have been pulled to begin working with Hekate. From the moment I began to learn about Hekate and got a sense for her she felt familiar. I felt comfortable. Is there an association between La Santa Muerte and Hekate? Is la Santa Muerte the Mexican version of Hekate? What do you guys think?


They both have psychopomp roles, so they both have some form of death associated with them.


@Velenos I agree, they are both gate keepers of the underworld. I have never really been able to get a clear history of la Santa Muerte. That’s why this question came to mind.


I think they are separate entities



What makes you certain?

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Most likely because their parentage is different and Hecate is a titan Goddess where as the other Goddess is not. Their similarities are quite small outside of the psychopomp stance.


The key words I spoke is I think

I like your constructive feedback. It helps a lot!

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Nope they are totally different, are totally awesome :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:, have nothing in common. If you need something oscure and baneful than you should definitively call Hecate Antania. Saint Death is a very loving and protecting entity



Fortunately, I don’t need to do any baneful magick at this time. Lol :joy: I’ve worked with La Santa Muerte (La Negra) for years. She is very protective and has helped me with past challenges. I would recommend her for baneful magick. She works wonders!

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As @anon48079295 said, they are Psychopomps. I’ve worked with Hecate and Hel and when I looked into why they felt similar (but not like the same entity), it was due to some overlapping of roles and the forces behind them. I did ask Santa Muerte to feel for her spirit to compare to Hecate’s when I first started working with Hecate, to be sure. As @NailOH said, they all felt like different entities.


Yes, I work with both. They are separate even though there is few similarities between them. Hekate is psychopompos and titan and olympian goddess, she embrace uranic, chtonic and liminal aspects.

Santa Muerte most possibly is evolution of Aztec Goddess of death and underworld, the name of who I am unable to pronounce correctly, even though she deals with life’s goals, she is purely chtonic and liminal force.

But to some occultists, each of them both is perceived as anima mundi, the soul of the world.

Poli-Theo-logy is tricky. I would recommend to work with them separately (as separate areas at the altar or separate altars). But the can be quite coherent, so explore and enjoy :slight_smile:


Santa Muerte is pretty well rounded, and helps with seemingly all areas of life. Never worked with Hecate before, but I strongly believe they’re quite separate beings.