Hekate and Goetia

Hello, I have a question for anybody who work with Goddess Hekate and the demons of Goetia.

Can I work with Hekate like big goals ( acquire a house and legal troubles ) and in parallel with the demons from Goetia to accomplish small time goals like a raise at work and some seduction work?

And are these energies compatible with each other?

Thank you.

I have read that the practice of Goetia goes back to ancient Greece, and that the hermetic magicians used to mix the spirits and systems togheter ( like in PGM ) but I just want to be sure and I don’t want to be disrespectful to the spirits.

I haven’t quite worked with Hecate yet but I have summoned some Goetic demons and studied the demonic version of Goetic writings. Most of the demons were filtered through Christianity after they demonized old Greek and Roman gods (among others). Hecate for the most part was largely untouched by this. But I think you should be okay. Some people of the forum have summoned a demon and angel to work together on a task and they got good results.


It should be fine… I think so atleast

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Hekate is my matron, or one of them.

Yes she by herself can help you with such, with goetics, possibly. Depends on who.


I personally work with both. I would suggest that you try working with just Hecate first. She may be able to help with everything that you need, including help with working with the goetia. IMO, she’s very different. I have worked with her long term, but would not do that with the goetia.

Hello LadyO

Can you tell some good resources on Hecate? :slight_smile: i want to learn before to make something stupid.

Also why shouldn’t I work on a long term with the spirits from goetia?

I’ve had to give this a little thought before explaining it… I find goetic spirits to be great at short term goals that can be well defined. Negative consequences can set in on anything long term like getting obsessed with a particular spirit, etc. Others may disagree with me here and I’m open to hearing other opinions.

I recently found a great group on Facebook called Hekate’s Crossroads and it’s a great resource for working with her. I’m sure there are a number of books out there, but I can’t recommend any. Jason Miller also works with Hekate, so you’ll want to read up on his work.


I did a ritual pass to me where i havw to have her image. Or statua, in my altar, irs necessary, wen i call antustias, andras and 3 more goetics. It was a must to have. Tru she was as a present nothing to invoqe her, thw ritual only say put it in altar and call goetias only

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In my opinion call upon hekate to improve in your abilities in the goetia , one of her best features is teaching magick


Your better off calling her the pagan way via altar and asking her to help you with the goetia and which ones will benefit you.