Hi I just wanted to know if anyone has worked enough with Heimdall to tell me about him on a little more personal level than what I can read online, and any parallels/masks of other beings he may have.
I’m doing a little research.

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I knew there was something special about you that I really resonate with. I have been meaning to contact Heimdall. Now I am seeing eyes everywhere. I will join you on this quest.

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Awesome I’m excited to hear it.
I’ve come to the realization today that I also really need to speak with him. I have a feeling hes connected to a few things, though I’m not sure in what way. The only other Norse god I’ve ever had dealings with is Freyja. I suppose I could ask her to introduce me…?

I’m actually wearing a Loki shirt right now! Lol! I have been working with Surtr as well. I started with volcano God’s a little before these volcanoes started going off around the world, than Surtr started telling me what’s up.

That is actually really funny you should say that…

As far as what’s going on? What exactly did he tell you…

A read of these might give you some insight. I have the utmost confidence in Krasskova’s and Kaldera’s work.

Sorry, forgot the link



Thanks @UnseelieDiabolus :blush: I had a feeling you’d come through with some good info. You’re the first person I had in mind when writing the post.

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You are quite welcome :slight_smile:

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