Heil hrodvitnir

My name is Hrafni or as most occultists will know me on facebook, the Saturnine mommy lol. I have been an occultist of all sorts since I was an edgy 12 year old, starting with LaVeyanism and moving onto Heathenry and dark seidr with the help of my aunt. I have been a chaos gnosticist for about 4ish years now on the Thursian current but moved along to the Ahrimanic one now because I feel it is necessary for my ascension. My struggles at the moment are laziness, wanting to fuck everything, and eating too much. Right now I am vowing to stop abusing substances even soft things like beer or weed to clear my head out so that it’s easier to obtain whatever I want… and beyond that I hope to use my adepthood to sacrifice the blood of fashies and replenish the burnt crispy earth with their lifeforce cuz that’s all they’re good for. No offense!!! :blush:

Eventually I hope to write my own books on both the Thursian and Ahrimanic currents, but until then I’m just trying to learn as much as I can from the Jotun and become a lycanthrope. That vampirism stuff isn’t really my bag, but I don’t mind feeding off of weaker beings…it is a dog eat dog world yes? Currently working on writing a “Saturnian Manifesto” of sorts that is meant to empower occultist laborers into taking over the world while running a facebook cult called Saturnine and hoping to make it serious very soon.


Hi there, and welcome to the forum! We do have a specific thread for introductions but that is okay :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t sure how to navigate everything actually lol my bad. Thx

That’s perfectly alright. It can be a bit tricky in the beginning :slight_smile:

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