Hecateus Apuliensis books

I’m reading Hecatean magick and Titan’s magick : pathworking of the Hellenic Primordial Gods by Hecateus Apuliensis. Great approach and very refreshing one at least for me. The Hecatean book is my favorite one and has great stuff in it. I have done the Titan ritual of the 4 pillars from the Titan’s magick book and feel the titanic influence into my daily life as a general removing of blocages into many areas.

As Hecate is one of my matron goddesses I was very excited to get new approach and idea to work with her. I dont have done much workings with the Hecatean book but I already feel this current powerful and different from the one that I do through Asenath Mason draconian workings ( also pretty good one especially the book Hecate witchcraft and nocturnal magick). I have already made the evocation table at the end of the book on a square of wood for new experiments…

Anyone has read /work with one or both of these books?


Me!!! I have read all of the books, my first one was olympic magick than I went to the titans then to Hecaten Magick! I literally learned a proper banishings from these books, I now use Hecate’s Ring banishing but sometimes I still use the 4 Winds banishings from Olympick Magick.

I intend to use the Daemons ritual today for a need!


Yes Hecate’s ring banishing is very good I use it also into the summoning form to empower myself and the room. Also something beautiful with the Hecate’s ring banishing is that you can also use epithetical magick very quickly for many needs among other you have the name Apotropaios for those who know well Hecate this name has a very potent banishing effect when need extra defense.
The Daemon chapter is probably the most exciting part of the book and will try it soon.
I have the altar plate page 259 sigil of Pergamon made on a piece of wood, you can print it ( from kindle version) on laminated paper and use it with the Daemon sigils for example or any other Hecatean workings.

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