All over u tube i se Hecate. ? All week.
Any ideas why


It could be a coincidence or maybe she’s calling you. I suggest you talk to her and ask if that’s her trying to communicate with you, to show you more clear/different signs.


Like one or three signs? Ok ill see what she says :laughing: thanks


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hekate :heart_eyes:


Hecate is the mother of witch craft!!! She really listen everything you say once you call upon her, it doesn’t matter where you are at the time she will listen and when she feel the time is rite she will make u know she is present, but she reply speedy if you call her name many times before bed you will feel the small electric running through your hands at first point


The new moon is approaching…


Hmm and the bloating full moon makes me tired.
Ok. So but are these Beings unsretricted by phases?

Often times Moon Gods and Goddesses display different personalities based on the cycle of the moon. I know in my own experience as my Godself is a lunar deity that when the moon is at it’s fullest I am at my most feminine and when the moon as a new moon, I am at my most masculine. Depends sometimes

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Looking around i see many hecate sigil some i think are altered … si since iv heard that altered sigils can be negative. Which is the correct one

Through working with a sigil you give some energy the Person who channeled it, even if its dead. I doubt it that something could go wrong if the sigils are not exactly the same. Maybe the ghost of the dead magician could get angry in that case, he absorbs less energy. In vampire magic seeing something is equal with touching

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I personaly just call hecate and she is there. No sigil required. Her presence and energy is undeniable.

Ask her for a sigil to call her and ask her to empower it. Or create one and give it as an offering to her, also asking her to empower it. Then when you want to call her and ask for her guidence draw the sigil in your mind and step through it (or pull it into you/around you, as if stepping through a gateway)