Hecate. ~ the distant one

For a while now I’ve wondered why on a deeper level , Hecate was known as the Distant One. But, I think I understand now.

She walks between the worlds so much, she feels not exactly at home anywhere.

She also cares very deeply and strongly for everyone and possibly she cares a little too much for her own good.

She carries keys and opens veils. She walks through the dark night carrying her torches, whispers to the dead and comforts the broken hearted.

Staying distant is her way of not feeling the pain. Doing what she has to do and blocking out the hurt.

The Infernal Queen and Mistress of Magick. If she loves you she loves you 100% … But if you make her an enemy, well, that’s a bad spot to be in.

I’ve found that these things resonate the most with me and the goddess.

Hecate also has a beautiful healing nature about her …

And I’ve seen that this even though it’s native american seems to vibe well with her and healing …

Anyway, hope this helps someone.



At times hekate can seem distant. But that’s false . We must accept that she is ALWAYS here . Because she is - simply everywhere . Nor is she blocking out the pain. But absorbing it . It is also true that hekate calls to us when we are at our most desperate. So we must be open to recieving her. Sometimes she answers , by ignoring our pleas. Seeking her guidance is the surest way to find her . Nor is it her mission to appear on command . But our work to find her.


That is true

Sometimes she does block the pain so she herself can cope

I agree


Something …

Hecate is the mistress of magick. She is magick. Therefore, she is in every circle. Thats how…

:sweat_smile: I figured out one of my biggest mysteries. How do I do it…so easily.


It’s interesting you posted of Hekate Aphrattos because right now that’s how her behavior has been towards many. Myself . As well as a couple others have recieved her perspective card . Which tends to fall on when she seems distant . Very Interesting .


Thank you for sharing @Empress_Arianna. She was one of my first matrons to call to me. She is such a wonderful and loving deity. Her masks are many and her depth is sometimes bottomless.

I dont necessarily think that she distances herself to avoid pain, being that she is always at the cross roads and holder ofthe keys to all mysteries, I think rather that she transforms it into power and strength through understanding and wisdom.

I know for myself personally she seems much more distant right now, but, I feel it has more to due with me not being at the cross roads currently.

I have started to really walk down my path, and I feel she has handed me a torch and key for me to use in my personal journey. Just like a baby bird must be pushed out of the nest to learn to fly, this is part of my path I have to walk down and trust my own instinct and intuition with.

And since my path is dealing with more ancestral workings, she cant walk with me like she did as her current of energy is not like with what I am doing right now. In fact I’m not sure if it was even really known by my ancestors. They had goddesses like hel, and skadi, sygn. But I don’t know if they new of Hekate.

So on that note, I think that she takes a step back to let us grow as we need to. But she will always remain in the background as a voice of reason and will always be there when we go through those dark periods that she knows so well and has the healing touch for, regardless of our current paths.

P.s I have missed you greatly you wonderfully quirky and beautiful sunflower :heart::revolving_hearts::heartpulse:


Shes not avoiding it… But taking on what she can handle at a time… Peice by peice.

Ive missed you too :heart:


That makes a lot of sense actually. This might be a terrible analogy, I’m feeling princess bride vibes today, but You don’t build immunity to poison by drinking the whole thing at once but by taking micro doses and slowly building tolerance up.

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Interesting take on things.

For me, if I feel she’s distant, it usually has more to do with me. There have been a few times where that wasn’t the case.

Damn, out of time for now.


I just got an image of Hecate; she felt distant in some way, so this post drew me in… It made me want to search for posts about her. She was also beautifully curved. (sorry I guess that’s vanity, but that’s what I saw anyhow).

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