Hecate:Approaching The Crossroads

OK so a couple days ago I had an awesome experience with Hecate.

I started by opening the beautiful gold leafed sigil of Hecate TWF made me and asked her for a vision on how to reach the crossroad and for her to help me get there.
I closed my eyes and the vision started off as snowy rooftops of an old village.
I visualized myself walking out of the gates of the village and ahead was a gloomy forest with a straight trail leading in.
There were warning signs not to enter but I did anyway because that’s how I roll.
As I walked the trail I could see shadowy figures poking their heads out from behind the trees.Then a werewolf jumped out to attack me.I wrestled it and slit it’s throat with a knife I was apparently carrying then consumed the essence of the dead werewolf.
Finally I saw the end of the trail and low and behold,the Crossroads.
The intersections were divided by a blueish white light.Like a thin beam of light intersecting and beaming into the four cardinal directions.
Then,the visions became random.Visions of people and symbols.My visualization of thecrossroads had faded away.
Then I started to hear random voices which some of which I recognized as friends.
They were coming from all over the room.
But then,I hears a female’s voice whisper into my ear “Enter it”.