Hecate and Styx are Sisters?

I had a dream a recently. Apparently I was asking about calling upon the spirits for some reason or matter. I was told by a man unknown to me to “Ask the Sisters”. I don’t remember why or what the issue was. I did a google search and they came up.

Is it possible he was referring to them. Is this how they are known by?

Styx is in love with Pallas the brother of Hecate’s father Perses. Goddess Styx is Goddess Hecate’s aunt.

@Anassa maybe you have some more insights :star_struck:

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Hmm then either i read that wrong or the website was. Is there anyone(s) who would be sisters that it would apply to??

They are definitely Deities or Demons perhaps. I know that much from the dream

Maybe the fates, moirae or the gorgons?

Styx and Hecate aren’t sisters, Styx is the child of Oceanus and Tethys and Hecate is the child of Perses and Asteria, they are related but if anything theyre cousins.

The only greek sisters I believe are called “The sisters” are the Pleiades, there’s also the fates.



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The title of “Sisters” doesn’t always have to mean blood relation.

Witches in a coven, for example, sometimes refer to themselves as sisters. Christian nuns are also referred to as sisters as well.

The three witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth are referred to as the Weird Sisters.

The term can simply refer to women who belong to a group.

However, as @Velenos pointed out, in Greek mythology, “The Sisters” usually refers to the three Moirae (also called the Fates in Roman mythology).

In Norse mythology, you have the Norns, also known as the Wyrd Sisters.

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Keep looking at google

I have looked on Google and is why im asking here. I guess it will have to be an odd dream for now as I really have nothing more to go on and cant remember any more about it. I dont even recall the “issue”. I just wondered if there were any that were mainly known as “The Sisters” Like a moniker of some sort.

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Others covered the topic already. Though I can’t believe what kinds of crap info you can find on the internet…
It doesn’t give us much to go with the “sisters”. For all we know could be some human friends/relatives since the OP doesn’t remember the issue.


No it was definitely deities or demons. Not humans as it was more of an “evoke” vibe to the suggestion. That much I remember. From what I remember of the dream they are two that work together I assume. Asking both of them something.

I was just curious as it was a very strong detail of the dream that I wanted to check out. If I remember things like that I usually find out and learn something as a result. That’s all. It happens to me a lot to be honest.