Heaven Vs. The Infernal empire?

I will always use the term heaven ( maybe cuz I was raised Christian) to describe the paradise I dream of… Being able to express one’s joy and true love freely, and my own idea of what purity is. Although I see how terms and labels are mostly pointless. This world stifles love in so many ways. The one thing I will always agree with in the bible is Matthew 18:3 and Jesus says, “Assuredly, I say to you , unless you change and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” Not that little kids are perfect but they truly live life for joy and express themselves freely when not prevented from doing so. It is so beyond sad to watch children lose the light in their eyes the older they get. I know the reason for my depression is I lost myself starting at 12 when I had to conform and was shunned by everyone for not conforming. At age 11 I saw how everyone was wasting their life in school being totally brainwashed. I still don’t get how people can be completely unaware and uncaring of their own ugliness and the ugliness and corruption in the world. They will say over and over that they hate corruption but are themselves. They have to go to church to be told what is love and what isn’t. I don’t get how they don’t just know? This is why I left the religion becuase I could see that none of them actually knew, they needed to be told, their energy is awful and they are completely unaware.
Everytime my joy is stiffled I have to express that grief or it turns to bitterness and dis-ease. I wish I knew how to get people to see this but I’m totally fine with a massive purging of humans I don’t think many will ever see the truth, not in this lifetime. I have been saying before the quarantine that people needed to be forced to isolate to be able to see the truth, even on my FB wall. I have spent 10 years in isolation which truly has made me aware of what’s really going on, and I definitely can still improve. Edit: What does heaven and thr infernal empire mean to you?

So what does this have to do with the Judeo heaven and the Infernal empire? (had to read it multiple times due to lack of spacing)

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yes I second @anon48079295, what does this have to do with the title?

I meant to ask what they mean to people, but people really need to learn to read between the lines in multiple ways. It obviously had something to do with the title as I was explaining what I thought heaven was.

Or you can be blunt and not post a wall of text that talk about your life with nothing to do with the question and just ask the question. We shouldn’t have to read between the lines on your thread just to give you a response lol, it was either ask the question or let your thread get washed away in the various new threads that come up daily.

Anyway, they mean nothing to me just two different nations of entities, angels of the judeo heaven and demons and various entities of the infernal nation.

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It was a title. Not a specific question. If you don’t like people putting their life story on a thread then dont reply, it’s pretty simple. It’s called not being a rigid asshat. You thought I wanted your opinion after that lmao. Leave the thread.

You wanted people’s opinion on heaven and the infernal empire but did not state it in your wall of text, until after we asked what was the point of it so in the end it’s you who should calm down and do better next time you want other people’s opinions.

Regardless if you dont want it now I gave it already so you kind of late in that front bud, but you were actually rigid as hell when you tried to insult people for asking what the question was and how it related to your wall of text, but you probably didn’t catch that. No need to be salty simply because two people stated the obvious.


OP, just be more clear next time, thats all, no need for the backtalk

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What is the truth though?

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Awareness. What’s actually going on

And what is going on?

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and what is actually going on? i know wait…an all out war between angels and demons, and im caught in the middle, gosh life is hard, i have michael pulling me on one side and lucifer on the other…of course we all went to the bar the other day which caused us all to get highly drunk and spar and brawl. siiiighhh…wonder if hell has some nice bars, or heaven

Lmao that’s obviously for you to decipher in your own life. I see how y’all are here. A bunch of condescending rigid assholes

Ok. I was actually hoping for a good conversation, but I’m out.


gasp! tsk tsk…you kiss your mother with that mouth?

im not, i like to have fun with people sometimes :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah you should both log off and get a clear mind, no offence.

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You based this off of what? people asking you to be more clear in your question? and asking what’s going on in your view? if that is a rigid asshole you’ll have a hard time when it comes to critical thinking in various situations dealing with people outside of yourself.


lol why me, i like to have fun sometimes, and hey, this guy seems like hes losing it for no reason

hes angr cause the angels went after him when he was little and the demons were too busy sparring between each other to help him :frowning: