Heathen Meditation Path

I found this shamanism page from the Northern Traditions website. path of meditation

I know this is similar to other topics on site here but I wanted to know more about how the Norse or Heathen folks practiced this? Anyone wants to add their experience or knowledge here would be much appreciated. Thank you.


One thing the Norse did was meditate while sitting on burial mounds. In this way they could commune with and receive guidance from their ancestors.
Journeying is very much in line with what a Norse shaman might have done also, traveling the worlds, of which there are 9. Vision quests, mock hangings and mock witch burning were possibly done as initiation rites. From the eddas and sagas we can speculate that, because those things took place in the stories. There’s little written history of their religion that’s not Christianized. It’s difficult to reconstruct without speculation.


True, xtianized all and as they say to the victors go the history rewritten!

Then this would be sufficient then to assume asking ancestors for guidance was and still is a common place practice for shamanistic northern pather’s to make use of. I don’t have any handy mounds to pray from but thank you for the input. Very good of you. In fact I feel inspired to say that I will also pray for anyone that adds any info here at all. Seriously. Thank you.



There may not be mounds but there a cemeteries. I visit my father’s grave and there are several ancestors buried nearby. The dead in general can be helpful. @FraterMagni is more knowledgeable than I am in that area.


No worries! Yes, FM is a boon to my knowledge basics really is.

I don’t know where my ancestors are buried, unfortunately. I wish I could locate them but even my uncle that I still have left alive is not knowing where his own parents are at. Shame really. The one aunt that did keep track passed on so her records were apparently lost due to negligence of that side of the family. Oh well. Thank you again.

Only thing I can do then is use any photos I have of them and go from there. Yes, that would work possibly, so thanks for the inspiration also.


I like to meditate in nature and just feel that ancient connection. I vibrate runic names and chant the mantras of the Soul complex. Many Norse families had home altars in their houses or outdoors that they would utilize in communion with gods, ancestors, and wights. Do what works for you! If you want to meditate in a graveyard, go right ahead! Or if you’d rather meditate in the mountains or woods, that’s perfectly fine. I’ve heard several different accounts of meditation or trance being used in both locations, so it’s really up to you.

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