Heart's blood for Belial

Lately I’d been feeling drawn to call on Belial for the first time.

Last night I drew his sigil and meditated on it while listening to a chanting of his enn. He showed up almost immediately. His essence, to me, is very magnetic and playful. Seductive, almost.

He likes that I have adopted his name into one of my online handles (which I have been using elsewhere on the internet, in various places, for a handful of years). I offered him red wine simply as thanks for heeding my call.

He strongly suggested how lovely a tattoo of his sigil would look on my body - however I am not quite ready to commit to that yet. He also showed a strong preference in how much he would like to see his sigil anointed with blood. Not menstrual blood, but heart’s blood.

We have made a deal to work together, and so I offered that (among other things) the next time my blood is spilled incidentally (specifying that this does not allow anyone, human or spirit, to cause me direct harm or place me in harm’s way), I would anoint his sigil with it. I suggested in passing that perhaps the next time I get a nosebleed I will offer this blood to him, but dismissed this thought, because how (1) often do random nosebleeds occur, and (2) there is no guarantee I would be anywhere near his sigil the next time it occurs.

…Guess what happened not half an hour ago? Sitting at my desk, random nosebleed. I’ve anointed his sigil liberally and lit a candle and incense at my altar for him.

Your will, King Belial. May we do great things together :blush:


I’d be concerned as to where you’re looking to get heart blood, seeing as it would be impossible for you to use your own without dire consequences.

I guess the beauty there is that all blood is technically heart’s blood :’)

Not exactly. Heart’s blood refers specifically from blood taken directly from the heart.

you could buy a chicken heart and give him the blood. but you need to find a fresh one, so good luck with that