Heart of the Utah Desert

A few comments about E.A.'s most recent newsletter…

I have lived practically everywhere on this planet from California and Oregon to ancient Celtic Battle grounds in Europe and majestic Zen monasteries in Japan.

I always find myself coming back to the mountains and the deserts of the Southwest in the U.S. There is definitely a freedom, a vast emptiness, that doesn’t seem to be found anywhere else. I can disappear into the mountains or deserts here for days, even weeks, never to be bothered once by anyone. Beautiful land.

In any case, I wanted to address the power of prayer. In my experience, prayer is mostly ineffective because it is used as an act of supplication. The words are weak, usually affirming your own lack of power, pleading to some entity outside of yourself, to help you.

“God, give me strength, give me money, don’t make my life so hard, etc.”

What you are basically telling your unconscious mind is “I am weak, I have no money, my life is hard.” Since on that deeper level of mind you are the creator, you just may not have made that conscious realization, your mind says, OK, manifest more of the same.

If you ever see a powerful Shaman pray, you will undoubtedly notice a few things. They pray in deep trance, directly connected to their own God-Self. It is no longer a prayer to an outside entity, but an affirmation that their Spirit or God they are praying to, and their own SELF are ONE.

They may use ritual gestures to deepen the level of prayer, and they always affirm their prayer as an experience that is already happening. There is no doubt in their mind that what they want is already existing, and they simply recognize this and align themselves with that new reality.

There is no need for gratitude, worship, demands. You simply assert that you and the Creator, the Absolute, are one and the same, and you will experience the greatest power you have ever known.

My two cents…


I agree with you about the beauty and power of the desert and mountains. I personally live in new mexico and love it. Nothing like the beautfil outdoors here and the sunsets. This place will always be home. I never thought much about prayer but you are right. As a former practicing christian it makes sense why when truly praying for something in many cases you get the opposite effect since you are projecting a weak self image into the astral and also negative thoughts about what you need help with. As above so below eh?

I concur about prayer insofar as we are talking about prayer to God, rather than spirits, to obtain something. They pray as if God were some personal being who would do things for them if he were even listening in the first place. But God is not that. The only time I ever see Christians wield power to change the world is when they assume authority and command things in the name of Christ. ‘Supplication’ to God, however, is not for this. It is not to request things. God NEVER answers such prayers. Wherever he seems to it is because the one praying has exercised his own Godhood.Prayer is to draw closer to the divine and to become God oneself. Then one can wield all this power. Prayer to God is purely for this. It is purely to inflame oneself with his essence. Everything else is vanity.

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I’d love to live near a desert. Must be great being able to do a ritual out in nature under the night sky with no one bothering you.

Move to the western US, ha! Never more than an hour or two from the desert out here - even in the wet parts.

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For those in Utah, the Desert, or other hardly inhabitable places

The Base Recipe for Making the Black Earth (Tera Preta),
is combining the following ingredients:

Food waste (biowaste),
if available,
rain worms to help the transformation of that organic waste.

That Black Earth,
can be placed on any non-harvestable type of ground,
and still be used to produce harvestable vegetation for food,
both for feeding animals as well as humans.

that this type of earth,
is artificially created,
and used,
by communes,
which are self-sustaining,
and can be easily re-created.

this is the light version,
which doesn’t require the waste of Ormus,
and blood, to work.

(which would be another recipe,
i also know,
leading to similar results.)

if anyone of the board is in a set up of self-sustaining,
or wants to improve their living space…

This is one way of how to do that.



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No disrespect, but you could have just shorted that by saying “piss in a compost bin” lol


Not really,
because it doesn’t produce the same effect.

Nor does it grant the same results. :wink:

in dependance to the state,
caring for the people,
and filling the supermarkets,
these things might be of no concern.

But as far as i recall,
we did a ritual just yesterday,
which was supposed to change that set up,
and so for at least a few people,
this could actually become valuable.




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