Heart chakra pain

what can that be?
broken?what i should do?


First, you need to address medical reasons. What is your hydration level with quality water? Next, what are your personal stress levels? Is your diet heart-healthy?

Then work on energy reasons.


Yeah, as @anon50363245 says, get your heart checked. Make sure you don’t have a heart attack or any type of heart disease.


lately i am starting to eat healthier more greener foods,i almost always use selary in my food,my hydration i think its ok,i am trying to battle or find away stress

Angina Pectoris

how to cure this?

I would second the need to seek medical advice - however, I would not change anything until I have seen a doctor and had a full blood panel and in particular minerals including potassium and magnesium as both are related to blood pressure, kidneys and heart.

Other causes can be having a psychic connection with a lover and feeling their emotions. Bad diet, snack foods high in sugar, caffeine, or some other excipient you are sensitive to. In some cases upset, fear, stress can cause a panic attack state. In all cases keep a diary of when these incidents occur.

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Also check if it is not neuralgia. I have this and sometimes during meditations i have pain in heart like someone was hammering a needle or if I had a pin in heart. And that just released tension.

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i feel the same

this can be neuralgia i feel strong pressure on that spot
and a free space or emply space on chest and a painful heart

Hey, I get that too. Im soo sorry it can be very painful. Ive seen a doctor just for general assurance.
I think my heart chakra is imbalanced anyway from trauma, and on top of that it seemed ‘someone who didnt like me intententionally sent a ‘bad mojo’’ if you will, to weaken it too. Whatever they sent my way at the time was some strong sh*t…I try so hard to clear it in the ordinary manner but im still struggling as Im not some ‘adept’ and it seems those that are generally dont want to give me answers generally, and the fact that Im a very sensetive empath etc which makes things complicated.
If this is of any help, I find a big piece of clear quarz and put it on my heart at times and eases it, also sheilding it with tin foil, weird enough, seems to help too. Also regular epsom salts baths, eating healthy, taking suppliments etc calms things. Meditation, and mindfulness, massage, Reiki, breathing tecniques etc is good.
Also facing/feeling whatever the pain is, and asking it about the source of its pain…
also talking to genuine people who dare to listen and understanding is good. There is alot more but whatever at anypoint slightly eased the pain - do it.
All the best and may your heart chakra be free and shine.

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awesome thank you!

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How did you overcome this bro?
Going through a similar experience at the moment.

I have the psiconn problem. I have a “severe” (after I searched the forum a bit I no longer feel of it as so severe) psychic connection issue and use to have heart aches and arythmia when the other side (1 in my case) has some broken heart issues or similar.

In other topic, shinri wrote about a silver screen to use for blocking telepathy related. I am just working on researching effective ways for disconnection.

…which might be the thing behind the pains around heart chakra zone, apart from material body issues or problems with very own chakra.