Hearing spirits

This evening as was dozing off on the couch I heard a voice come from the left side of the room and it said" I m permitted for violence, darkness leaves me blind. Its name is Brimstone" now to give some backdrop I’ve been working with the devil for some time and I have to say that Satan is a most interesting and confusing spirit to me, no matter how impatient I get with with myself for not understanding His lessons I can’t seem to walk away. My question is, what are some ways that one can use to communicate with spirits other than physically hearing. I find that the pendulum isn’t as reliable as the tarot but the tarot is too deep for me to get a simple answer from a spirit. What are your recommendation?

Drawing up sigils, using a bunch of mirrors…set the mirrors up to reflect off eachother. Use your imagination…put sigils on mirrors, or hang them so they dangle in between mirrors. Place candles aswell. Collages work well aswell.

I don’t see how the tarot could be too “Deep” to understand, but maybe consider looking for a more suitable deck? I currently use the “wolf pack”, there’s two versions (one has less cards and is black and white, the other is color) If you want easier answers I recommend this deck, specifically the black and white deck but either one should be easier to work with for you. unlike traditional tarot, this deck has “oracles” written on each card. Can be easier to understand

If you are making that strong of a connection, try automatic writing. Also, I would be recording your sessions.