Hearing songs while dreaming

Looking for opinions on hearing a song being sung while dreaming. Signs, messages… And there was no radio being played or anything that would subconsciously be heard.

What song did I hear? No easy way out from Rocky


In my opinion, unless you were searching for an answer, it’s not a big deal.

Happens to me all the time. My brain always brings up songs I haven’t heard for ages for some reason. It’s annoying but I don’t see any significance to it.

It’s funny that you mention No Easy Way Out from Rocky. I woke up a few days ago with Burning Heart by Survivor from Rocky 4 in my hraf.

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Actually I forgot that I did ask King Paimon a question. I have his sigil pinned to my pillow.

I had a bit of a emotional setback. I asked him why someone refuses to speak to me. I “fell” but im back up so to speak. Just kind of bummed when I went to sleep last night.

If you look at the lyrics they are meaningful to me and my current emotions. Yes, I do like the song itself but this goes a bit deeper. King Paimon really spoke to me and answered me. Im really developing a love for him. He always answers me in his own way.

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