Hearing my name called

Hopefully this not an early sign that I am going crazy or something. Honestly I sometimes shake my head over this and feel like I must be just plain losing my marbles. However I can hardly discount the possibility that there is some other explanation outside the relms of mental health. I hear my name called often. Usually but not always while I’m at work. I’m the only employee wit my first name so I know it’s not someone speaking to someone else and besides no one ever actually is calling me. I’ve had coworkers laugh or look at me sideways before when I turn around to ask what they wanted only to learn they said and heard nothing. But still I hear it plain as day clearly as someone standing nearby wanting my attention.

I was told that when someone hears his/her name called, that means that an entity wants to make contact with you or wants to attract your attention somehow.
I do not think you are crazy. Make some research on how you can answer back to the entity… maybe use a pendulum or just meditate in the dark. I don;t really know.

As you practice magick, your psychic sensitivities will become gradually stronger. You will begin to see and hear things with increasing frequency and clarity. You’re not going crazy.

I have heard my name called since the earliest days of my youth; sometimes I woulld get more commo, but generally just my name called. Even now- i find myself running to my wife while she is dialysing sure as hell i heard her call me- Nope ! sometimes several times a day. This house we are in was at one time so Para-occupied, you would have to have had your ears cored out to not hear something. now things are mellow, but today we had big doins in our world and I am looking foreard to not just hearing my name; but having full blown discussions. People could see and hear me as I am in the house and say I talk to myself like I think someone is really there- surprise, I know they- so- lets talk ! it is a good sign; Build and Magnify it!