Hearing my name called (sleep deprivation/clairaudience/both?)

So I’ve experienced this maybe two or three times before and I’m aware of the medical explanations. it goes like this: I have had maybe 2 hours of sleep the past two days, and as I am starting to fall asleep I hear my name called. A very loud and urgent whisper, in my left ear. Twice before I have had similar things happen, but just random words, not my name.

I know the brain does funny things when it’s tired/about to fall asleep - but is there any spiritual thread to it as well? Or is it a purely medical phenomenon? Because it sounds and feels so real - as if my ear is still warm from someone’s breath. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to live with schizophrenia.

Sleep deprivation is a time honoured and traditional method of entering trace to commune with the gods, so yes, it is possible the voice calling your name is a spirit of some sort.

When you fall asleep, you pass through the brainwave state of Theta, which is also called the hypnogogicic state, on the way to the sleep state of Delta. Theta is where science says visual and auditory hallucinations commonly occur. It is also the state that magicians use for contacting spirits.


It’s a trance state just as @DarkestKnight said! In this state you can be simply tapping into other frequencies just like a radio! Whatever you hear and can remember record it and see if its relate to the next day! It might be someone’s thought! When a thought has an emotional charge to it it can be heard!
If you suspect a spirit then ask a question allowed like what’s your name and what do you want? See if you hear anything resembling a reply that night :woman_shrugging:

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Thank you! After I posted this and went back to sleep, I ended up having a pretty grotesque and vivid nightmare. It was just centered around my pets being injured/dying/tormented at the hands of a spirit that I couldn’t get to leave. I had a similar dream the night before and I can’t say I’ve ever had a dream quite like that before. Having it two nights in a row now is draining to say the least. I’ve never thought of spirits affecting my pets; is it possible for them to actually inflict any sort of harm physically or mentally on my animals?

And would those things be connected? The whisper that called my name was low in pitch, but loud at the same time and carried a sense of urgency, like someone trying to wake me up.

With that and other things that have been occurring in my house lately, I’m not sure if I’m dealing with a parasitic type of spirit or if this is just related to my pathworking with Belial as I am still relatively new to working with him.

Yes, spirits can negatively affect pets. Any living thing can be affected by spirits.

In my opinion, the voice coupled with the dream sounds like a warning that you might be under attack.

Check your protections and wards. Maybe start a daily banishing ritual twice daily, upon awakening and before bed.

Ok, thank you.

i don’t get this nightmare thing. never had one in my life. just boring dreams. =o) maybe cuz i find dreams fascinating. if i’m lucid , i would try to manipulate it and interact with it or try to make it clear. most my dreams are hazzy not clear like your seeing things in front of you. it’s more of a sense thing then visual. somehow , when i’m lucid, i know i’m in a dream and try to see if i can do things in my dream. lol Maybe it’s just me. i’m aware that i’m in a dream when i remember dreams. been like that my whole life. :man_shrugging: Or i love horror shows so i don’t get them. possible i don’t see negative things happening or think of them so my dreams aren’t negative. i think dreams often are base on habits of thoughts. haha.

I also always have pleasant lucid dreams which is why these ones were so shocking! I wasn’t able to control them and I just felt really helpless watching my animals suffer. That’s why I’m thinking it has to be a really negative spirit I’m dealing with if it’s able to get inside my head like that.

that’s the fun part. i was once running in place against a bunch of people or beings chasing after me. lol. i didn’t care about them chasing me with weapons. i was too focus on why i’m in place running and can’t move. how do i move? how to get control. haha. i’m usually into the process of how things work instead of the event.

If it were just me being fucked with it probably wouldn’t have freaked me out as much lol it was more so being helpless with regards to my lil babies :sob: i know how to protect myself against spiritual attacks but I’ve never really thought about needing to protect my animals so it caught me really off guard I guess :woman_shrugging:t2:

You don’t have to worry that much about your animals if it’s just in dreams! They have their own protection and they most certainly can hold their own!
It might be a parasitic that didn’t know how to get your fear so its scaring you by making you think its going after your loved ones!
You need a regular banishing and ask whomever you are working with to protect your space and everyone in it!


It would be exciting if i hear my name called especially in bed. lol. :crazy_face: