Hearing Leraje's name. Why?

Leraje’s name popped in my head 3 days ago and does not leave. I mean I am just doing my normal stuff during the day, cleaning, cooking, walking the dog and suddenly I have Leraje popping in my head again. I was not very familiar with him so looked it up… stirring war and infecting wounds… Really I don’t know what to do with it. Why suddenly his name popped in my head???

Likely he wishes to work with you. Whenever an entity is “on the brain” as it were, it is usually a calling. I experienced this with Leviathan when I started practicing black magick. Many sources I read stated that witches new to black magick should not interact with a being as advanced as Leviathan. I ignored the call for a long time due to this. It only slowed my progress and forced me to circle back.
Answer the call.

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Thanks. How do I answer the call and how do I find out what he wants me to work with him on?

I suggest either meditation or any form of scrying you are comfortable with to learn what Leraje wants. If you are a beginner, the pendulum is often easiest. You may find listening to his enn chant to be very helpful as well.


Thank you. Am not a beginner and pendulum never worked for me. Will try cartomancy and meditation, sigil and enn…

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