Hearing demons talking about killing me

So basiclly the last 3 days I’ve heared none stop two angry spirits girl and a guy talking about killing me and taking my mind, I’m not scared, but this needs to be address some crazy shit has been happing, Idk what to do about it i haven’t really dabbled in magick in awhile, idk who the spirit is, basically I don’t wnat to loose my mind, can anyone help out, and please everyone don’t just tell me to go see a doctor I got mental illness, I did have a coulpe occult poeople get my hair and such

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You admit to having mental illness. Are you sure that this is not just a flare up of symptoms? You need to ask that to yourself.

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I recommend doing a cleanse on yourself or your property, probably both, also do divination, and try to contact them and ask them why or who they are/what they want?

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I was gonna suggest the same, but that really depends on what type of mental illness OP has.


I don’t have mental illness I might to ask that everyone not to suggest I do

The grammar of this is ambiguous. I think what OP is trying to say is:
“Please everyone, don’t just tell me that you think I should go see a psychiatrist because you think I’m crazy.”

What Senoc said: cleanse and banish, clean yourself and your space of all unwanted energies, including where you sleep as well as your living space.

It sounds like you are sensitive and have attracted lesser entities. Don’t listen them, don’t believe them, don’t talk to them, get rid of them. Kill them if you can.


Ive done the basics already, didn’t work
Lesser basing salt water, this started happing when I’m away from home

I’m only asking what if it the real thing is happening and it’s the worst, how do I defend myself, the way I take it its coming at me I either take it the full hit, only get hit with a little bit of it but come hurt but ok, Dodge it completely by stooping it dead in its tracks, or reverse it but I don’t want conflict but all options on on the table expect taking it the hole thing dead on

That makes more sense. Thank you for clarifying.

These bugs only have power over you if you allow them to. It doesn’t matter how much you cleanse or banish if you continue to fear these things. Your fear feeds them and gives them power.

Aside from the occasional deranged, curse-happy idiot who believes that they are God-incarnate and oh-so-powerful, no one is going to curse you unless you have wronged them in some way. If you have wronged another occultist, you may want to take measures to assuage their wrath and right your wrongs. Otherwise, all you are doing is shooting yourself in the foot.

Tell these pathetic demons to fuck off and stop bothering you. There is no need to threaten them. Speak firmly and with authority, and they will leave you alone.

If you find that these thoughts continue to bother you, then the problem is unlikely supernatural in nature. You are likely just experiencing rather mundane, but nonetheless harmful, intrusive thoughts. Meditation would be my suggestion for addressing this. Notice these thoughts and feelings. Do not hide from them, and do not become caught up in them. Acknowledge that they are present, and then allow them to pass in their own time. You must observe the contents of the mind, not identify with them.


Take a break from magick. Cast something to go invisible for a while and do. I have read all your posts and the common thread is your always trying to control but you never seem to. You need to recharge and and see yourself as the one in charge and not the one things happen to.

You had or still have a lot of things going on in your life. You should be stronger than this and I don’t know why your not. You have received an impressive amount of advice from this forum over various dramas in your life and I wonder why they keep happening to you. I notice your threads are short with very little interaction on your part so I can’t tell if the advice you were given was put into practice or you just moved on to your next thing.

Those voices in my opinion are an echo of your inner self crying out for change, killing you is a metaphor for taking the you that you are and being born something new and the taking of your mind symbolizes putting you on a better path. The fact that your not scared kind of reiterates this and that your becoming ready and accepting.

But take some time for you so that you are.


@Marik is with banish the spirits take a break a long one, relax dont focus on magick but you. Than when you are ready contact them to find out what they want.

I’m sorry that I misinterpreted what you had said. Unfortunately it is so easy for me to become confused with words.

You mentioned an occultist got ahold of some of your hair. Sounds like they’ve sent something to scare the hell out of you. Unfortunately they’re capable of far worse, but the silver lining is that they haven’t yet.

Baal for invincibility and invisibility. Go hermit and recharge. Stop letting yourself be scared cheers


This is my preferred route, Baal has me mostly invisible now, those who need to notice me do otherwise nothing.

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