“Hearing” Belial?

Yesterday I did my second “work” with Belial, using Ritual 1 of DoM. I think it was the first time I felt something: as I’ve decided to perform the licence to depart, I started the feel nauseous and my head started to hurt.
These feelings lasted all day and all night

Can I consider this episode as my first time feeling something?

Yes, you could feel it that way.

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So I can also assumed that my request has been heard and that he was there?

If you called, you were heard anyway. Look at the results. But yes, I admit that you were heard


The fact is that I still have problems mastering alpha state and trance state, so I always fear that I may be not be heard because I easily exit this state and I even don’t recognise being in it

You shouldn’t worry about it. Judging by my experience, you are always heard. Just use a name or a sigil and call. State the request and thank. If you doubt something, you can always ask the spirit to give you a sign, it can be any sign, but most often it is more convenient - dreams. You can also ask for tarot cards or runes.Belial is not someone to be doubted.


Yesterday I asked for a sign and effectively I felt nauseous
So, nice to being heard😅


A little update:
I’ve called Belial in order to remove limiting thoughts on someone’s mind, but today, due to my impulsivity, I’ve decided to “close” the relationship with this person, just as a way of moving things (I know it was a mistake). But something really strange happened: i was on my Instagram profile and someone I don’t know watched my story. So I decided to visit his profile just to see if I knew him.
His Highlights’ propic were demons’sigils, and the first one was Belial.
I panicked. Even cause nobody here can find my true identity

It’s not a coincidence and I’m trying to understand what it means

It Happened to me with an Algerian girl whose nickname is Paimon.
That happened to me as well, my opinion is that King Belial just made u get rid of that person.

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I hope not actually🙃

King Belial knows better,
just let it go, thats the common experience.

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I totally understand Belial’s pov, but it goes against what I think to be the best for me.
So I’ve decided to start it all again and I will simply remove Belial from the task, obviously thanking him for his time and advice.

Some times ago a person here “mediate” between me and Dantalion, who was also involved in this task, and she said he said it will take more time than I thought

So, as I’ve just said, I have redone all the layered spell again.
Then I let it be

Anyway I also thank you for your time answering me back😊

Well, be cautious with King Belial.
“Remove” isnt a correct word when it comes to a King.

Yes, just a bad translation of what I mean :sweat_smile:
Cause I’m really happy anyway due to his help