Hearing a Trumpet

Anyone else heared trumpet. What does it mean.


Or it could be Cthulhu farting, or it could be someone near you enjoys playing one whenever your around, or it could be the start of a serious hearing problem (best to see a doctor just to be sure) or it could be one of King Paimon’s familiars tuning up theirs (he demands 100% from anyone under him, so you can imagine they practice quite a lot)

Hard to tell really, would you mind giving a little more context to the whens, wheres and hows, so we can get the the bottom of it?


Dabs fun fact I play a mean trumpet

That could be Israfil

I doubt anyone in this small town has a Trumpet lol I kept hearing it through my headphones from my window and when I went outside there was nothing. It seemed to coming from my room I was in which made no sense. Every time I Ignored it just got louder. Short bursts from the trumpet it sounded. Weird !

Reminds me of the Marines… uhhh gosh the damn Trumpets at like 5am everyday haunted me for months after lol.

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