Hearing a clicking sound

Deadass like the one the predator makes in the predator movies. Whenever I get into a deep trance and focus on clairaudience I hear that clicking. Sorta like the spiders from lord of the rings.

Any ideas as to what this is?

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In some cases, if you don’t feel it’s good, you may not want to find out.

We’re in a time where everyone’s senses are sharpened, because of Lion’s Gate. Even my non-sensitive roommate could tell something was different. + You just had reiki done, so you’re likely to be more aware right now. Do be careful.

Otherwise I don’t know, granted if you believe that you can summon characters, you could always try summoning one of the options you listed and finding out.

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Also, another best bet, is summoning spider oriented gods, like Atlach Nacha (Lovecraftian), Ai-Apaec (the Aztec-Mayan deity, not the comic), etc.

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