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I know that this may seem like sucha stupid question, but would Marbas be helpful for skin clearance? I know that he helps with health and skin is something tightly related to health so I was wondering if he can help with achieving clear skin? Or if you have any other spirits/demons who are able to help with that?

Little backstory…I can’t say that I have or that I ever had some drastic skin problems or acne, I actually always had quite clear skin, sometimes I knew to get some pimples but weren’t even comparable to the skin some other teens in that time had…but recently I really dont know what happened but my skin started to purge or break out or idk how to even call it…I randomly woke up with shit ton of pimples, I genuinely never had any skin problems so this is quite shocking to me rn…I tried creams moisturizers etc, and nothing honestly help, today I woke up w even worse skin and more pimples and I’m quite desperate rn especially bc I have trip next week and I really need clear skin or at least somehow cleared skin by then…soo what do yll think?
Has anyone here tried any spirit for skin?

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Wash your pillow and pillow case, those things harbor germs and can make you break out.

Marbas is probably a fine choice and tea with elderberry and echinacea can help as well in my experience.


Buer helped me a big deal with balancing hormone levels in my body when I stopped using the pill and my acne came back with a vengeance (together with a bunch of androgens) :smiley: So Marbas is probably a solid choice with finding and eliminating the cause of your skin situation (or at least keeping it in check for the time of your trip, until you have time to take care of it properly).

One mundane advice on the side: have your hormone levels checked if you can rule out that a change in diet or allergies are the source of your current predicament, your skin is probably telling you about an underlying problem in your body :+1:


It’s most likely a reaction to something you ate. Marbas can help but he may do so by helping you figure out what you’re reacting to.

Just keep a really simple clean wholefoods (no junk no sugar, or processed anything) diet until your trip, evoke Marbas for help and watch for signs.


Salicylic acid based face wash, good hygiene and good diet. Also, if the sun is out and about get into it as uv light kills bacteria and will clear your skin. Works great.

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In the book “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons”, the main power of Beelzebub is listed as “for an increase in personal beauty”.


I agree with this.

In @Epsilon_The_Imperial’s topic offering channeling the message was:

Raphael wants to tell you that when it comes to health, you should build within yourself a routine that’s going to maintain your health. Learn the value of animal foods and the deeper aspects of nutrition. Do not trust the supposed authorities. You just have to do your research and find something where you are properly nourished.

“Learn the value of animal foods” is the point worth noticing and,

Like the rule of thumb, no more than three ingredients on the label. Even better, foods of only one ingredient, clean and natural, stuff you know your body can use and easily digest.

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You can also try an alternate method without involving spirits. Visualize during meditation that you “travel” inside your body, in this case focus on your face. Visualize that you fix the problem which is causing your pimples from the inside. You can visualize this in a way that is close to you, for example with a color of energy that you like. Or you can even visualize little elven people fix the problems inside you (I know this sounds funny but it actually worked for me!) or whatever is the easiest for you. You can do this two times a day, in the morning and in the evening.
Oh and definitely avoid chocolate. Not saying it’s causing all the problems per se, but sad as it is, for most people it’s not doing any good in the case of pimples.


I have a similar experience! I reached out to Marbas because I have had a weird skin condition on my face for a long time. I got some Eczema and Psoriasis medicine but it never helped.

Yesterday Marbas helped me find the right doctor who figured out I have Rosacea on my face.

I do think Lilith helped activate this too, because her first concern when we met was my skin issues.

I would definitely keep reaching out to Marbas to help guide you in the right direction if the situation with your skin worsens or doesn’t get better.

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