I have decided to consume more iron and vitamin d. Doing so will hopefully improve my health and depression.


If you want to consume vitamins against depression, I can recommend you try to find out wich one are you do not have enough in your sys.

B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C vitamin, Biotin, folic Acid.

I hope the best for you.


Have you consulted a doctor? I’ve seen person literally shitting blood from “more iron”, it’s obviously your choice though, not my life.

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Indeed. I would also check the nutrition facts on what you eat too, to find clues as to what to improve and discard.

Increasing your consumption of water will do a lot for depression. Try 2 - 3 litres a day.

I agree vitamin D is very helpful especially if you live in a cloudy place and over the winter in Northern climes. That’s been proven to prevent “seasonal effective disorder” and strengthen the immune system against winter colds and flu.

Vit C as a long term supplement is contraindicated. But if you take 1000mg 3x a day when you have a cold it will shorten the cold by 2 days.

Iron is hard on the stomach so take with a meal. I tend to get iron deficient and it causes extreme fatigue and migraines. A bug tell if if you get these a few hours or the next day after a workout. Cheap to fix, take a gentle supplement for a month or until you don’t get that fatigue, then keep the rest to top up as and when.

I am a fan of getting blood tests before and after, but not abdicating my health decisions to a Doctor that diesn’t know me and hadn’t the time to ask the right history questions, and in the case of trying supplements I think they’re a waste of time and money, but I live in a country where I pay thousands for medical insurance and still pay 150-250 dollars for a visit - I’m not wasting that to ask if I can pretty please try a supplement. I can figure that much out on my own.

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That’s why we usually visit a specific doctor who knows our history. Here we call them “family’s doctor”.

That’s absolutely your decision and not my place to tell you if I agree or not with this mindset as it is what have you decided and follow for your own health and life.
But when someone posts a topic about health and medication (or supplements in this case) we have to let that person know the consequences. This is a forum about magick and not a health forum, we’re not doctors but even if we were you can’t just give medical advices according to your own experiments and experiences without any blood tests and history in your hands exactly because -->

We’re not playing with people’s health… Maybe in a magickal way, but not medical.

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we’re not doctors but even if we were you can’t just give medical advice

I don’t see that talking about supplements qualified as ‘medical advice’ as much as dietary.
Also I wasn’t telling the OP what to do, I was explaining my view, which is what forums let people do.

My lifelong personal harm that causes distrust of Doctors as very dangerous people with a lot of power they don’t always handle well aside, SUPPLEMENTS are basically concentrated food, and talking about publicly available information does not constitute medical advice.

So I don’t know who you think is ‘playing’ with the OPs health? I thought this was a discussion.

My argument is that the OP has not just the right but the responsibility to understand and make his own decisions, and sharing information to help him do that is always going to be important and worthwhile.

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Have you seen the side effects on real people hospitalised from iron overdose with your own eyes? I had the “luck” to experience it with both healthy people with normal iron levels as well with people with iron deficiency. I’m talking from experience if you like, not with my personal mistrust on doctors… And yes, these people were taking the innocent supplements you speak of with doctor’s prescription and permission.
My very own personal advice is to stay away from all supplements unless its absolutely unavoidable to take them, and even so keep your eyes open.
Nothing is so innocent as you think.
Feel free to advice as you like ofc, as I said, not my life.

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I would definitely let a Dr. do a blood test first. I have chronic vitamin d deficiency and get monthly shots. Before I knew I was very down and tired all the time. Somehow my body doesn’t wanna absorb it from the sun and if your vit d values are in fact low, over the counter supplements aren’t gonna do much for you.