Health spells to protect against covid?

Is there any spells to protect yourself and loved ones against covid

No spell is going to protect you from a virus. That’s silly.

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well according to what the latest scientists have said, taking vitamin D, not being obese and working out regularly and getting sun is the best way. the spell of covid has been broken, many states are moving past this.

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I meant to protect from dying etc

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Rewriting the patterns of your body and mind can render you immune to most if not all common diseases though this takes time to perform adequately and for traditional magical paths can be extremely difficult due to the lack of compatibility.

Simplest way if you are familiar with radionics would be to take a sample of the virus such as a photograph of one that is confirmed infected or another link to the virus and dial in a balancing rate that cancels it out and apply this rate to a sample connected to yourself. A skilled operator can with such a simple method cancel out the pattern of the virus in their body entirely and become immune.

It simply won’t stick to them or if they do get it it will just happen to become the cold or the flu or just a false positive and some food poisoning. The radionics method is much safer and can be applied to others without risk of collapsing their aura and other nasty side effects.

What do you mean by collapsing their aura?

The initial suggestion of rewriting the patterns of your body and mind work by altering yourself on a deep intrinsic level. The energy system and the aura that is a product of it. Think of the aura as being akin to the electromagnetic radiation of a complex machine. A field projected by the inner workings of that machine you can modify to function in many different ways but the wrong changes can create destructive feedback loops that burn it out, sometimes rather spectacularly.

It can be difficult to reach the state to easily modify your patterns long term much less those of another but in working on yourself you have the advantage of a built in map and understanding of how you operate and function allowing instant feedback. Something that you don’t have with another person so attempting deep work on someone else is operating blindly and given the malleability of ones energy system is tied to higher levels of practice than your average person you also face the issue of wiring too much for them to tolerate.

Radionic methods though don’t have this risk and present a happy middle ground though the effects will only be temporary as long as the machine is running and a period of time after. You will likely have to renew the application for a few hours every couple of days to be safe if you want to be extra sure. Sigils are also quite effective though.

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In Archer’s “The magick of angels and demons” there is a ritual (bah, there is only one ritual to be used for 400 different things, really) to protect “during a pandemic”. I used it about a year ago on myself and three other people, the four were exposed to people infected, none of us got it, so I would suggest that. Up to this moment, it has worked.

Also, use the safety measures recommended by everyone and their mother.


Work with Azazel and Zazel or with the Olympic spirit of Saturn Aratron to be favorable unto your chosen ones and keep death away

@anon97554939 some ideas about Baron Samedi. He protects too

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Yepper? Was there a question, I’m sorry I’ve not been following this thread.

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a nifty spell called from the outer darkness of masks and making you’re healthy~ other than that covid is found to more likely to kill those with underlying health issues the most as it “piggybacks” off that. Other than that no entity or magickal hullaballoo can protect you from dying.


Just try the covid hijacking ritual by J.S. Garrett

@anon97554939 just thinking of Baron Samedi is perfect to work with in order to keep someone safe, healthy and alive.

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Oh I see, and I agree he is a good entity for health and protection both- I’m not sure he’s for everyone as he tends to be pretty blunt and sarcastic but he’s a great choice imop if your energy meshes- one of my favorite spirits to work with, hands down. :slight_smile:

There’s also the lore around him and how no one can essentially pass on without his permission, granted we have one of these for each pantheon, but it could be something to ponder while creating workings with him, or to ask him about more specifically- if you chose him.

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