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The other night I lit a black candle (this happened to be the same candle I attempted to curse someone with) and then I called out to the powers of darkness. I closed my eyes and imagined a foggy black mist floating around me. I then inhaled deep and at the same time imagined the black mist entering my mouth and filling my body. Today I noticed a small bump on my left temple. If I push on it then there is pain. It doesn’t feel like a zit but from the way the pain feels it seems like it is somehow connected to possibly my brain. I could be wrong because I’m not a doctor. It is starting to scare me and I can’t seem to find an answer on what it is. I’ve heard of some people getting health problems after doing necromancy but I don’t do necromancy yet. Did I endanger myself by doing what I did or is this something minor that I don’t need to worry about?

Rookie mistake brother.
Never use one candle for 2 different goals.
Once you’ve cast a candle spell you’ve pushed your energy and intent into that specific candle.It then becomes imbued with the energy of that one purpose.

If you filled that candle with hatred to curse someone then that’s what that candle has become.If you then absorbed those energies then you’re absorbing baneful and hate energy into yourself.

But there are plenty of ways to uncross yourself from a curse whether it be from someone else or yourself.

Also if you dwell on this too much it will become worse.Your thoughts will manifest.Your FEAR will manifest.

But if you can enter the mindset of “I did this,I can undo it” then you should be fine.

Also there is the possibility that this is a coincidence and you may have a medical condition that needs attended to.
If you need more advice on uncrossing yourself from self inflicted curses.
I’ve had to learn the hard way too brother.


That’s what I was going to say earlier but I got distracted from my post. You used a candle enchanted with negative energy, you lit the candle allowing the energy within the candle to disperse around you. You did not recite an incantation to signal the candle of a specific purpose since you were simply doing the darkness invocation exercise and so, the energy of that candle now loose in your temple had no words spoken to direct that energy elsewhere so it lingered, and when you began breathing in the darkness you also absorbed the negative air being produced by the candle.

Do you still have the candle? If so, try reversing the darkness exercise and imagine any negative energy within your body being slowly gathered in a central location around your lungs and breast bone, do this until you feel as if all of the negative energy is gathered in that one spot. Visualize the energy as a black mist or black goo just floating inside of your body (that helps you focus on drawing all of that energy to one central location if you picture it as something physical like black goo, dust, mist, clouds instead of something that’s invisible).

When you feel as if all the bad energy is collected in your lungs, take as deep a breath as possible and in one big release breathe out until your lungs are empty of air. While doing this, hold the candle in your right hand and while breathing out imagine the black substance leaving your mouth (visualize it spraying out like an exorcist vomit if you think that will help, seriously, no joke) and blow all of your breath directly on the candle, see the black substance coating the candle and being reabsorbed by the candle (don’t light the candle though or you’ll just blow wax everywhere too). When the candle has absorbed every last drop of the negative energy it dished out to you earlier, bind the candle by reciting a short incantation that you create, whatever you want to say as long as it in some way states that the energy is now sealed within the candle and unable to be released any further, no need to rhyme your words.

Repeat the incantation until you feel like it worked, then get rid of the candle. Bury it outside or place it in a sealable container and throw the entire container away, wrap the container in masking or duct tape if you can so no one else ever opens it. You can also bind the candle with black ribbon if desired. I won’t tell you an incantation, this is your situation so you need to be the one to create the spell that binds that energy back into the candle. It needs to be in your own words, it’s the best way to learn.

Hell, if you’re concerned someone may find the container in the trash or in a landfill somewhere and open the container in the future, you can even put a can of mixed veggies in the container and mash it up to make it look like vomit, covering the candle in it so if anyone ever discovers it at a landfill they won’t dare touch it if they think someone puked in it. Hahaha! Then tape the container shut with the fake puke and candle still inside.

When breathing the bad energy out and at the candle, should the candle be lit when I do this?

No, lighting the candle releases the energy from the candle. Keep it unlit.

What they said!

I can give you a more detailed working, as ever do a quick reading or use intuition on whether it’s correct for you - try wrapping the healing Archangel Raphael’s name around you, like this - Raphael mantra method.

Visualise that triangle as you say the three syllables forming round your feet, like you’re standing in the middle of a triangle, then slowly imagine it raising as you continue to chant, until it reaches your lungs, visualise that it’s slowly magnetising gunk and dark energy moving back upwards, keep going, then when it reaches the level of your mouth breath out the energy, see the triangle keep going, all the energy expelled into the candle.

I’ve used things like this and they work, preferably do it in the planetary Hour of the Sun or Mercury but don’t stress it too much if that’s not possible.

In future, keep stuff you’ve used for baneful work completely seperate and ideally dispose of any leftovers.

As a former medical student, I’d just recommend you see your local physician about it. While there could be a metaphysical cause, I’d exclude all the mundane causes first, or you’ll set yourself up to become concerned about every bump and scratch you incur in the future:)

I highly doubt it’s actually connected to your brain, though. Consider how much bone and muscle it’d have to get through to erupt from your brain (or burrow through the skin into said brain).

If it really bothers you, seek professional medical advice, but if it’s at least a little better (or no worse) after 24 hours, I really wouldn’t be too concerned about it. Still, no reason not to see a doctor, but it may provide you with a little peace of mind, in the meantime.

I by no means disagree with what has been written above, of course, I just thought a different perspective may provide you with a greater range of options to consider.

Kind regards, Tj.