Healling help needed. physical

Due to an injury last year lifting in October, I have had an infection that I just can not shake, antibiotics have proven useless, doctors the same.
It is affecting my life, can anyone lend advice how to get healing?

I am very new to this side of things as I have been an Odinist for most of my life, petitioning Eira has not worked and the issue has become chronic.

Just out of answers…

Thank you and be well friends…

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My Advice, “TALK TO YOUR CELLS”. Do you know that each and every cell in our body has a memory and consciousness of its own.
Our body probably has the capacity to heal any diseases of its own and this has also been proved by epigenetics. There are many success stories throughout the internet about how getting in touch with the inner cells of our own body has lead to rapid miraculous healing that has left doctors scratching their heads.

The only thing that you need are the four pillars, and they are :

Your mind is connected to each and every cells and organs of your body so its easy to relay your message to them. However they best understand “emotional language”. In other words, your emotions imparts your message to them clearly. Visualization is the road to deliver those emotions to the cells.

–>I will give you a simple exercise to follow and that is called “YOGA NIDRA”. --aka. Yogic sleep.
This will take 30-40 minutes of your time everyday, so switch off your mobile, let no one in. If you’re staying with your family, tell them not to disturb you for 30-40 minutes.
In this exercise, you must lie down straight (However, I don’t know in which part you have the infection). You need to feel comfortable. Face both your palms upwards. Keep your legs in a parallel position or slightly apart; they should not touch each other.

–>Close your eyes. Now take slow deep, gentle breaths (3-4 times).

#1. RELAXATION OF THE MIND : Tell yourself mentally “My Body is now relaxed. I AM FULLY RELAXED. NO MATTER THE PAIN, I AM AT PEACE AND NOTHING STOPS ME FROM ACHIEVING IT”.(Repeat 3x) (I know its quite hard since you’ve got the physical pain somewhere on your body, but try as best as you can because intention matters, so if your intention is to be relaxed then the pain will obviously reduce to 50% or even more; don’t give much importance to the pain because the more you think about it, the more pain you’ll feel. Just don’t five a damn about it).

#2. ROTATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS : This step is to bring an awareness by taking a trip through different parts of your body. As quickly as possible, the awareness is to go from part to part. Repeat the part in your mind and simultaneously become aware of that part of the body. Keep your self alert but, do not concentrate intensely. -->Become aware of the right hand and then start from your palm. Feel like as if your mind is not there in your head, but in your right palm. Then shift your mind from palm to the wrist. Mentally imagine that your conciousness is at your right wrist. Then move to your right elbow, shoulder, armpit, right waist, right hip, right thigh, right kneecap, right calf-muscle, the ankle, the heel, the sole of the right foot and the toe.
Now, immediately shift your mind to your left palm and then follow serially like that of step 2.
After you finish doing the round, become aware of your breath. Feel the flow of breath in and out of your lungs. Breathe naturally. Start counting backwards from 50, upto 0. While counting, feel and imagine that you’re going deeper and deeper in every count. At 0, you will be in either Alpha or theta. Please don’t fall asleep at this point of time.

#3. VISUALIZATION and EMOTION : Visualize how you feel (The feeling of happiness, satisfaction, etc) when you’re completely healed and theres no infection in that area. Feel like as if its already healed and that you’re so happy about it. In this relaxed, esctatic state, Give a mental smile to all your cells in the body. Now, Tell them mentally how painful and interfereing that infection is and how sad you are, and ask their help. Convince your cells that you and the cells of your body are one and related. Tell them that if your consciousness is feeling the pain, they are also feeling the same pain indirectly.(Bring emotions into it). Tell them that your friends are all healthy and enjoying their best of life. Show them their happy picture through your visualization and ask them that you too want to enjoy life to the fullest because you deserve it.
Shift your consciousness to the infection part and visualize that part getting healed fully and there is nothing there.
NOTE : Sometimes, if you’re receptive, cells will talk back at you and will give you some information. At that moment of time, be a good listener and pause your visualization for a moment and hear them out. They will sometimes tell what to do to maximize healing.
–>When you are finished conveying your words(through visualizations and emotions and talks) to them, bid them farewell and tell them that you’ll be coming back soon to talk to them again and that you have complete FAITH in them. Then, start counting from 0 to 10, and as you count, be conscious about your environment step by step and when you reach 10, tell your self, “I am now opening my eyes”,and then open up your eyes. Relax for a while, don’t immediately wake up. Let the thoughts you’ve created sink within your body and mind. Smile and thank them mentally.
The exercise is over*
P.S. >> Choose a fix time and be devoted. Follow the routine everyday at that fixed time. Be Determined. Don’t be lazy (:


Moreover, you can also chant Medicine Buddha’s mantra of healing. He is known as Buddha Bhaisajyaguru.
His mantra is :
“Tayata Om Bekanzey Bekanzey Maha Bekanzey Radza Samugatey Soha.”

Here is a youtube link of the Mantra :

–>Another thing you can do is make a healing water with the mantra.
Take a transparent container and write the mantra on the outside surface of the container with a green or a blue marker.(Mantra is given below. One is in Siddham Script and the other in pali/tibetan script[with the image of Buddha]).
Pour a mineral water or a fresh spring water and keep a flat soundbox below the container or you can keep the water near your soundbox and play the Long mantra to the water. Let the water absorb the essence of the vibration of the mantra. Play it for half an hour.
After that, take the bottle and freeze the water. After its frozen, take out the water and let it melt naturally and then drink it.
Do this everyday or every alternate days.

REASON : Water has the capability to absorb the good/bad vibration that you feed upon it and crystalize accordingly. This has been proven by a Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto. He fed the water with different vibrations and words with it and then froze it and then analyzed it in a microscope. You can see the picture below. Many people have done the experiments with rice with the word “LOVE” and “HATE”, etc. Its all over youtube.

Long Version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag-y2Joa7rk

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Wow thank you friend, I appreciate the information, I will study it and put it to use, much appreciated indeed…


[quote=“Teufelhund OR, post:1, topic:7621”]Due to an injury last year lifting in October, I have had an infection that I just can not shake, antibiotics have proven useless, doctors the same.
It is affecting my life, can anyone lend advice how to get healing?[/quote]

Good stuff above - you could also try this - Raphael Mantra Wrap.

I know angels that seem Judeo-Christian might not be your first choice, but in my experience Raphael will work with anyone, no matter their beliefs and paths - he’s also told me he was known by other names in other cultures, though I didn’t ask whether he had a Norse “avatar”/aspect or whatever.

But he’s a Mercurial spirit and also deals in information as well as healing, and I’ve had truly amazing results using that, including on dogs and people who didn’t even know I was using it on them. :slight_smile:

Try this, as well: Something that’s been working for me & want to share.

There are some stones that I know of that might help as well. Some could be prepared as an elixir, but it has been some time sens I have done that so I need to brush up some. Also I am just poping in at the moment, but I will get back to you.

Teufelhund take Olive leaf capsules 2X a day for 2 weeks. You have
a virus 50%. It should be gone in 14 days with Olive leaf found in
a health food store or online.

[quote=“custer, post:7, topic:7621”]Teufelhund take Olive leaf capsules 2X a day for 2 weeks. You have
a virus 50%. It should be gone in 14 days with Olive leaf found in
a health food store or online.[/quote]

Tea tree oil also works well to clean out the infection. :slight_smile:
But it should be pure.
Just pouring 5-6 drops in a luke warm water and soaking a cotton and cleaning the affected part. :slight_smile:

Ok sorry this took me so long, somethings came up that needed tending to.

Bloodstone, I find to be a good all-around healer. Yes it is mostly used for porblems with your blood, but it has been shone to do more. So blood stone is a recommendation.

Here are some others I recomend.
Black Tourmaline
Lapis Lazuli
and Turquoise

Now on to the Elixer. I am quoting this right from: The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide To Crystals, By: Judy Hall.


Place a cleansed, nonfriable crystal in a glass bowl with spring water. (Place friable or toxic stones in a small glass jar and then in the glass bowl. This is the indirect method.) Stand the bowl in sunlight for twelve hours. Remove the crystal and bottle the mother tincture in a glass bottle with an airtight stopper. To keep for more then a week, add fifty percent brandy or vodka as a preservative. Store in a cool, dark place. Add to bathwater or make a dosage bottle (see page 372).


Add seven drops of the mother tincture to a glass dropper bottle. Fill with one-third brandy to two-thirds water if taking by mouth or putting on the skin. If using as an eye drop, do not add alcohol. Take seven drops three times a day. (Note: Certain remedies should be used externally only.)"

For your Elixir I recommend Charoite.

I hope this helps.

Hi there,

I’ve tried this and so far it has worked well for those who used it. Feel free to copy paste and modify as needed.

Be Blessed.

Ps: Please praise Medicine Buddha and pass on / forward this template to anyone who may need it.