So Recently had an amazing experience with House Of Kel.
A person who is very close to me was suffering from some sort of infection and after several days of medication also there was no sign of improvement literall it was like the person was not able to move was having high fever and some sort of infection in the eyes too so it was very difficult for the person to even keep their eyes open.
So i decided to do a evocation for the Spirits of House of Kel as i read about them before and was said that they can help with instantaneous healing.
I drew a sigil and started the evocation withing few minutes the sigil started flashing and after that the whole sigil just dissapeared there was nothing in front of me and the next moment the sigil was visible again i asked them to heal the person as soon as possible next day the person called up n said that as compared to before there is much more relief in the pain and overall infection and within 3 days the person was back to normal totally fit and fine.
It was amazing experience working with the Spirits Of Kel…