Healing with Lucifer

The health issue I need to fix is quite tough, I have checked the other posts and it doesn’t seem like there is something for this. I have been asking Lucifer to help me with healing, and he gave me a date which is very close, he said I will be cured. I asked a few times and He confirmed. This was said on the notebook - I asked him to take control of my arm and he did. He always drew his sigil first. (I hope this is the correct way to do so)
Ever since I began this journey on the left path I have noticed He has always been there by my side. An angel of light will cure me, this is what had gotten stuck in my head ever since I was a child.
Does anyone have any experience with Lucifer healing a serious issue? Any advice? Or should I just wait for the mentioned date?
Either way, I will try to update you if a miracle happens. I believe in Lucifer! :slight_smile:


I work with Lucifer, though no for health issues (other than anxiety or psychological issues that I may need assistance with), but he does help with healing. I guess you should wait for that date to come and see if anything changes.


The author Konstantinos describes in one of his books how Lucifer healed a deadly blood clot in his brain, so, yes, Lucifer heals.