Healing Spell Info

Hi everyone,

So this is kind of an off the wall request but does anyone know of a spell or other type of ritual that would be used for healing addictions? Also could this be directed at a person as well as at the person performing the ritual?

Addictions are physical and psychological at the same time (for most substances) so my opinion is that if you were to use evocation you should seek the assistance of an entity that can heal the body and the mind or of an entity that has healing as a general faculty and another one which would be able to influence the mind.

Also, if you’ve ever heard of Holotropic Breathwork from my personal experience I can say that it is a quite powerful system but it needs persistance and definitely you can’t have results within a day or two.

Echoing what Nereid is saying - strive for evocation. If you are working your way up, work on candle magick and sigil magick spells first, as they can be tailored toward any goal relatively easily and they are both somewhat prerequisite skills for evocation. Any entity you would choose to evoke (due to the faculties selected, as Nereid suggests) you can also use their sigil for sigil magick.

That makes a lot of sense with the physical and psychological issue. I was thinking of evoking the archangel Raphael for help due to all I’ve read about him as a healer. I also saw something about him on a website that talked about using him specifically for addiction. Do either of you know if thats true or if he is useful for psychological healing as well as physical?

Thank you both for sharing your experience and knowledge, I appreciate the help.

Marbas is a good choice for the psychological/mind healing part.

I’ve never worked with Archangel Raphael so I can’t answer your question but there are other people here that have worked with him and he’s been mentioned in various threads so you can ask there I think.

You can try to evoke him, just make sure to be specific in what you’ll ask and see how it will go.

As far as I know from descriptions I’ve read, Raphael is a total healer - mind/body/spirit. I haven’t used him enough to tease out those tasks nor to ask him about them, but from reading, I would say go for it.

I’ve heard good things about Marbas, like Nereid suggested, but have no experienced with him. He’s on of the Goetic spirits - there’s a thread in the evocation forum with suggested healing entities, his sigil is in there.

Would someone like archangel Raphael be of any help?