Healing Spell for An Ear Infection


Anyone know one? Either that or one for pain relief. Thank you. :slight_smile:


This is best cheapest solution for your problem…take one leaf and squeeze its juice and let it slide in your ear…you can thank me when you get better :v:


Really? I had no idea those could be used for ear infection.


You may also use warmed coconut oil…as it is an antibiotic and has the fast absorption rate.


Hot sea SALT in a cotton bag/sock etc, pressed against the infected ear


Here where I live (SE Europe) this is the first thing to do…this or chopping head…your call :grin:
No side effect no side boob…just plain and simple


For pain relief, take an onion heart and pop it in like an ear plug for a half hour.


The most cheap and the most reliable medicine will be Colloidal Silver, taken orally.
I used it for a chronic infection on similar issues, sinus, ear and lungs.
Use probiotics like cheese and yogurt to replenish the good bacteria.