Healing Recommendation

What’s the best way to go about healing my eyesight? I have cataracts in both eyes…

This is one I’d seriously consider a doctor over magic

It is correct that you need to get medical help (if you haven’t already of course), also look into dietary changes to lessen inflammation, for which the internet combined with your own common sense and consulting with a competent professional is probably the best route.

At the moment I’m studying the many uses of a ketogenic diet (been on this myself since mid-January and noticed huge differences in my energy levels etc), but I’m not a medic so I’m just mentioning it for you to research further.

There may be a link between carbohydrate consumption and cataracts (link), but it would be fair to say I’m so impressed by my own results on this diet, I’m highly biased in favour of it, so please take that into consideration! :slight_smile:

I believe people with macular degeneration - which can also set in quite young - are recommended to take lutein and lycopene, and again this is something to maybe find out about.

So please do the medical stuff, and then research diet, first.

To get into the magickal side, I don’t what what your age is but if you’re younger than the usual age people get these where you live, try contacting the Archangel Raphael - he won’t undo natural age-related damage but if something’s messed with you, he’ll be helpful in not just slowing it and maybe reversing it (I don’t know much about the etiology of cataracts) but also helping steer you towards answers for practical solutions.

I posted a mantra method of working with him here and this is something you could do first thing in the morning maybe, wrapping the syllables with the “PHA” syllable towards the front of your eye.

I’m not and never have been a Christian and I actively work with demons and “dark forces” and yet Raphael’s worked quite readily with me, I believe saving at least one person’s life and getting another out of hospital remarkably quickly, so don’t be shy to call on him.

The second proposal I’d make to you is to seek out help from Lucifer - something is blocking your sight, the basic ability to take in reflected and radiated light, and he may be willing to help you overcome this.

I don’t “know” Lucifer, though I’ve been working with one of his kind of “team” recently, but he’s the next spirit to come to mind who would be most invested in this.

If Raphael and Lucifer still leave you cold, another alternative is to contact the god Odin who sacrified an eye himself for greater vision, and who brought us the Runes, a primarily visual medium, and who has great wisdom in the way of wounds and healing.

He’s also good at directing you to other spirits and, again, practical sources of information that help, as well as being a bona fide wonder-worker in his own right.

Finally, Thoth/Dhjuty may help - he is the god of scribes, of magick, and of writing, and this is obviously going to mess with your ability to use writing and to read, so he seems suited for this.

Excellent post by Lady E above, I’ll also add that the Healing Angel Rantka from Kingdoms of Flame is a spirit who will not -so- much heal you magically as -teach- you what is wrong and what -you- can do about it. I wasn’t dealing with anything as serious as a cataract (it was a torn ligament), but I found that if you’re actually willing to take his lessons to heart and -do the work- however inconvenient or unpleasant, he -will- actually throw in a little of his supernatural “muscle” with the healing. A really swell guy, maybe not super personable and social but a highly competent teacher who, though reserved, will not give up on you if you don’t give up on yourself.

EDIT - I’ll also add that everyone’s experiences with spirits, and especially fully-fledged Gods who can have -many- different aspects, are different, but at least about Odin who among those listed above I’ve also done some work with:

Keep in mind that he does value sacrifice, and I personally have gotten no freebies from him - you pay for knowledge and you’re expected to use any gifts to do for yourself. Not because he’s a sadistic bastard, but just as a general attitude with its own reasons. I’m not claiming to speak for the man at all, but keep that in mind, too. How important is it to you? What is your goal, and what will you sacrifice?

Best wishes!

If you still have the cataracts, you can try bilberry as that has been shown to improve circulation/health to the eyes, as well as stopping cataracts and possibly reversing them.

Also high doses of vitamin C to keep your immune system strong to help fight off the cataracts, preferably a non-acidic version like sodium ascorbate( try 1 to 2 grams a day to start, if you start to have diahrria your taking too much)

You could also try any of the rife frequencies related to eye disorders like this one here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL4BJD_UrA4
just make sure to drink plenty of water because that is what allows these frequencies to work and may dehydrate you a bit without the water( though I’ve used them several times a day barely feeling the dehydration) Two 10 min. sessions per day is standard treatment for using rife frequencies.

The last recommendation is to check out The Bates Method especially his relaxation techniques, and fixation exercises as they have been known help cure cataracts in his patients. Relaxation alone has been known to do it according to Bates.

Lastly, I’m not a doctor, but I’m a naturalist/alchemist who has used herbs and other unorthodox remedies that have worked for me in the past and might work for you.

Good Luck and I hope this is still able to help you.

Also the spirit marbas might help since he teaches healing too.

I second that. I’ve worked with him before for healing and he is excellent

Have surgery, replace both lenses in the eyes. Wear glasses to see up close.