Healing prayer? Entities?

I have been experiencing the weirdest bubbly sort of palpitation spasm on my right knee and above it since yesterday afternoon. I went to the doctor and she said that there was some wear and tear in my right joint. But, it wasn’t very conclusive. So, is there some sort of healing prayer that I can make to an entity? For a swift outcome?

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I don’t know search for prayers to archangel raphael or meditate on his enn and ask him to help you.

Corocon is said to bring immediate relief.

What or who is that?

Corocon is a demon. Grab Lucifer and the hidden demons book you will find how to work with him. :slight_smile: :sparkles:


Interesting! I had never heard of that book. I will get it! Thank you.

Got this info from “mind and magick” course about Psalms
“Psalm 6: To heal problems with the bones
Psalm 142: To alleviate and soothe pain, especially in the legs and thighs
Psalm 69: For health & healing”
He says to sing the psalm like a song!
Hope this helps you!

Eladiah “has a reputation for helping people with bone and joint problems”. Can ease long-term or short-term illness.

Also Mahasiah is an angel of healing.

Both found in 72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand.

Raphael’s name literally means “God Heals”. There is a thread somewhere on this forum by Lady_Eva I believe where she talks about getting almost instant relief with a short ritual to Raphael. Search for “Raphael healing” or something along those lines.