Healing not working - is it the patient?

I usually have a good amount of success with healing.

My current patient claims to want to be well, but everything I have tried has not worked. Divination is all positive for a good result - what’s going on?

Could the patient be blocking the healing?

I appreciate your effort in healing other people.

But I hope the patient is seeing a doctor and following instructions to get better.
When I get sick because I went running in the cold rain, I ask for healing AND take my medicine. I don’t go out running in the cold again the next day.
What Im trying to say is, always do what you can to give the healing a chance to work, a path.
I hope your patient is doing this.

Thanks for your concern, I wouldn’t suggest anyone not to follow doctor’s orders as a first call.

This is muscular pain from an injury which the doctors are now doing nothing about as the initial injury has been treated. Although you have given me some food for thought with clearing mental blockages rather than physical blockages.

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The patient can ABSOLUTELY block their own healing. I once was part of a coven experiment where we sent and received energy and while I sent amazingly well, I blocked everything incoming.

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