Healing MS

So i decided to give my healing abilities a test of sorts.
The test is to see if i can at least give enough healing to help my client be relieved of pain. Of course the ultimate goal is to get her walking.
(yes she is also seeing a specialist about it and a chiropractor)
Now i figure with the combination of the three i have also asked ningizzida and marbas to help me.
marbas said it was not in his area of specialty but of course ningizzida said he would give it a shot and marbas i guess decided to join in as a learning experience. Ningizzida told me repeat the healing process 7 times once a day and he will join and help and of course be accompanied by marbas.
My client says she is definitely feeling less and less pain each day.
and tonight was cool as hell.
i placed my hands above my clients head and then my demon buddies put their hands on mine forcing them down onto her head and a surge of power went through me to her.
they then told me have her hold the incense i was using and focus her negative energy into it and let it burn out into the smoke. (sandalwood is what i was using)



Wow! Thx you for posting this!! I have someone who is afflicted with M.S. I’d love to heal. Thx again​:kissing_smiling_eyes::black_heart:

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