Healing magick

How much does healing magick works? Can it be done without knowing the diagnosis?

Yes, it can. An Idiopathic malady is a condition for which the cause is unknown and is the most common thing for which alternative methods of healing are often pursued.

Often the biggest obstacle when it comes to healing is the rejection of it. We are adaptive creatures and can mold ourselves to pretty much any situation, but the drawback to this evolutionary survival trait is that once we have adapted, we become comfortable with the status quo, even if that situation isn’t beneficial for us. Many people will identify themselves with their illnesses, for example, so while they may say they want healing, they will actually subconsciously reject it because they can’t imagine their lives without their sickness. This can be particularly true for those with chronic conditions, whose entire lives are often centered around the limitations of their illness.

Healing magick can be quite effective but the belief and intention of the patient can mitigate or even cancel out that effectiveness. In other words, if someone doesn’t want to be healed, they likely won’t be. It’s one of the reasons why healers will often ask for permission before doing anything. While it is possible to heal someone even when they don’t want to be healed, it is much more effective to have their cooperation. It is their body, after all, and their will is the primary mover of it. Someone who is healed against their will can very well bring their illness back because they effectively “miss it” and the sympathy and attention it brought them.


Can spirits like Marbas and Raphael actual heal? Or is more about teaching the magician how to heal?

yes, they can heal

I have witnessed it

Yes., they can directly heal, but they will also lead you to mundane treatments that will enhance or accelerate their efforts. It’s important to keep in mind that not everyone’s body will allow for instantaneous healing. The sudden removal of a disease can be traumatic and send the body into shock as it struggles to maintain homeostasis with something that is no longer there.

I think it depends on if there is a lesson to be learned in the illness or not. Sometimes spirits won’t do something if the thing they were tasked with intervening against serves a higher purpose. However, I personally think instances of having to learn lessons are actually very rare, contrary to the preaching of the Right Hand Path, and don’t apply to everyone.

I dont need to be specific? I can say “remove my tinitus” and Marbas will find his way to remove it?

I would also recommend the mighty powerful Buer of the Goetia


I think Marbas is better.

More power to you.

He will look for the most effective way to accomplish the task you set, which means he will use any route, including leading you to information and/or doctors, etc. to obtain the final result. Never try to dictate how a spirit does their job because more often than not, that will put unnecessary limits on its options.


Thanks for advice.

What happen if I just say “make me healthy” to the spirit?

Same thing. They will take the most effective route to make that happen. That can mean either direct or indirect action. Even if the spirit directly makes you healthy, if you keep repeating the same unhealthy patterns, then you’re just going to undo what they did, so they might also guide you to certain diet and exercise information, for example.

I suppose its the end that kind of request magicians makes to spirits when they are about to heal from the symptoms that troubles them.

Spirits tend to look at the big picture so they are more likely to move you to find the cause rather than just remove a symptom. Healing a symptom is temporary if the cause of it remains. So a spirit can take away your headache, but if the headache is caused by stress, for example, it will come back if that stress isn’t relieved.

Healing magick can be tricky because the body is a closed system, with everything connected to everything else so when you affect one piece, you also affect the rest of it.

If you have a symptom or condition you want to heal, i would ask the spirit to directly heal it, and to help reset your body to it’s natural healthy state.

How did you develop tinnitus? I have recently developed it as well and it now affects my ability to sleep and my ability to effectively meditate.

I dont know. I suspect I have listened to high music for to long.