Healing magick?

I’d like to ask for a healing chant, spell.

Or anything.

Cuase, I’ve tried Raphael. Petition even other chants Hindu etc.
Don’t seem to work on me.

I thank you for reading.

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It may not be the spell that is the issue. Magick often requires a certain mindset to work.

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Archangel Haniel works for me . Especially with the enochian evocation.

Check out BALG’s cousin forum.
They got a good section on healing with many threads.
I am active on both forums but this is my main home forum.
I believe there are others as well from this forum that also know about the other forum.
Good Information on both forums.


Try this one:


Thank you,

I’ll be sure to give it a try

They don’t always heal you straight away , but sometimes lead you to a person or a medicine that heals you !

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